Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cybill & MaryAnn a.k.a. Jenny & Jill

Well, today was the first day of two hour separation class for Andrew, Michael, John and Melissa - Andrew is my son, Michael is Jill's, John is Crissy's son and Melissa is Jade's daughter - these four kids have basically been together in Mommy (or Daddy) and Me classes since they were a little over a year. The separation anxiety was more the mom's than the children's - at least in my case and Jill's case.

Jill & I comforted each other on the phone last night - I thought I was going to puke this morning - and Crissy said to John "so long" and shut the door. Crissy adds: "It was more then just so long. It was get your hands off the door jam because your fingers are going to get hurt when I slam the door and run up the stairs. Good thing I only went to TJ Maxx. I only spent $80." Jade was a little more apprehensive than Crissy but not as bad as Jill & I.

Jill & I - peeked in the classroom window several times before we left. All the moms stood out front waiting for each other to come out to see which child cried and screamed...but overall everyone did well - except the moms...Jill & I spent a small fortune at five stores that we went to during the two hour class. We got back to the school 20 minutes early, peeked in the windows again, went downstairs to the classroom and listened at the door and then we finally cracked open the door so we could hear better....we were amazed at how well the kids did and how much money we spent to comfort ourselves - most of it on the kids.

Jade walked in first and laughed when she saw Jill & I listening at the school entrance...Crissy walked in and called us both losers...but then Jade admitted she was weepy either from missing Melissa or being able to grocery shop ALONE!

All the while when Jill & I were sneaking around -- reminded me of Cybill & MaryAnn in the show Cybill - dressing in black -- doing "illegal things" to get back at MaryAnn's ex-husband DOCTOR DICK - it was fun and sad. Our babies are growing up and Jill and I make damn good spies. I bet we could find Osama.
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