Friday, January 26, 2007

Everybody wants to be like me...

What a burden.

First our friend, Ankit and then his friend, S (what is that like Prince, Cher, Madonna...the symbol formerly known as Prince?) my friend Tina is thinking of blogging. I've always been a leader....

My husband and his best friend, Pete, are having multiple orgasms (and they said men couldn't have them) because Van Halen is reuniting with Roth for a concert tour starting in May. My husband already packed his suitcase. I can't say I have ever felt that way about any musical artist. I did love Luther Vandross and saw him in St. Louis (Sinbad opened for him). Before his stroke, he came to NY and I begged my husband to go see him with me...but he is just way too Caucasian to enjoy a gay, black male singing love songs...oh boy that man could sing. Now Luther is gone and I will hold that over my husband's head for the rest of his life.

At the St. Louis concert, I sat in front of a very, very large lady who kept screaming out "drag me across the floor, Luther"...I'm not sure what that would have done for her - but I know it would have put Luther's back right out or caused a cardiac episode. That concert, Jackson Browne and Paul Simon -- my favorites. I guess, I haven't really seen too many - I'm afraid to admit - I saw Hank Williams Jr. twice when I was younger....Bocephus...loved him too, saw Alabama (may have been the same concert), saw Tonic at a small club in St. Louis and that is probably it. I love music - don't love annoying people in bad t-shirts standing in front of me, behind me and around me - singing ...I didn't pay $49.50 to hear bad karaoke.
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