Friday, January 19, 2007

Second Rant

Well after a restful night of approximately forty five minutes sleep due to Darth Vader "breathing" next to me, I awaken to clarity and wondered what the hell did I do last night? It must have been all those drugs I took in the 80's - you know, Midol on an empty stomach, followed by a Menthol cigarette and a couple of Contac that lured me into the blogging world.

It's snowing in New York! I say that with excitement now but see most likely Rant entitled "Fourth" (approximately) where I moan and whine about slipping off my back deck for the 100th time because my husband stained it with Glidden's Slip and Fall to your Death Chestnut Brown Stain. I most likely will be writing that rant from traction or prison after I strangle my loving husband (by the way I do love him).

My husband says I have PMS, DMS and PMS (pre, during and post)...actually that is my interpretation of his "is it close to being your ladies' days?" For some reason he asks me this at least twice a's a wonder we leave enough men on this earth to keep the human race going.

Well, today is Curious George on the Roller Coaster - I can't wait!!! I love that Monkey - not in the way that Michael Jackson or the Man in the Yellow Hat does - but in a "that is one damn cute monkey".


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JO said...

this was so funny. i can sympathize with you because i'm also in the "do i kill him or keep him mode" but what are we going to do we love them. i've added this page to my favorites so i can keep up with your mad rantings.