Monday, January 29, 2007

That Duck is amazing ...

The duck that was shot and stuck in a refrigerator for two days and lived - flat lined in surgery and is now okay again!

That is one lucky duck....her name is Perky. I think they got some kind of Pet Sematary (yes, that is King's correct spelling) thing going on down there in God's waiting room, Florida.

My mom is like that - she has been dying for twenty years now. She is sick, miserable, mean and not a nice person on top of being mentally ill....I keep saying "GO TO THE LIGHT!" I guess we'll start calling her Perky.


Ankit said...

There's a guy at work who knows a person who knows a person who knows that duck hunter! He coincidentally also knows Kevin Bacon (just kidding, but I hear he's six degrees from everyone.)

Andrew's Mom said...

They say the duck hunter was Dick Cheney and the duck was a governmental experiment, OCD. Operation Combat Duck.