Saturday, January 20, 2007

Third (or technically Fourth) Rant

Finally, it is cold! Global warming my frozen fingers (in lieu of a three letter word that I try not to use any more as we have a 2 1/2 year old parrot).

It started snowing again for about 15 minutes last night. Of course, it was the 15 minutes that Andrew and I had to go to the train station and pick up Jim. I bundled him up (Andrew not Jim) and put on his mittens that are a tad too big. He holds his hands up like a surgeon freshly scrubbed when he has his mittens on. Andrew usually likes for me to lower the rear window so he can hear and see the train better (reminds me of the old line: even Helen Keller can hear a train coming!) but since yesterday on Curious George - the camper that George was in had the sunroof/vent open and it couldn't be closed when it started to storm - and it flooded the camper, Andrew now thinks that any snow/rain will flood our car if we leave the window open. (Note: George saved the day as he had everything they needed to make camp in his backpack ...

Camper fully equipped with satellite television, solar roof panel -- $250,000
Global navigating system -- $500
Camping with a Monkey who loved the show MacGyver -- Priceless.

I'm starting to make dough for 60 baby "onesies" cookies for my friend's shower next week. I'll probably bake them today/tomorrow and start decorating to have them done by Friday. Lily Arline will be the baby's name - I actually like the name Lily (although it does make me think of Yvonne DeCarlo and her Munsters role - sorry Susan). My husband is a traditionalist and if a name doesn't fall into this category he feels Children and Family Services should be notified. Also, apparently he also prefers the traditional puff pastry top to his chicken pot pie and not a cornbread version (which I thought was very good but I'm not a traditionalist -- I'm a road less traveled girl and for me that has made all the difference).

Well, back to the drawing board (rolling pin).....

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