Monday, February 12, 2007

Colorado here we come!!!

Jim and I are moving to Colorado - with Andrew. We're going to win the multi-million dollar home, truck and 250K cash price that HGTV is giving away. We're not going to tell Bryan - we're just going to be gone one morning - with all our "nice" stuff. We'll leave him the cr#p and he'll have a few weeks/months before the house is sold.

The house sleeps 13 I think...Jim's family can come and vacation - once a year maybe twice with all that room - I can get away from them and hide...just joking I love them...I really love when they go home...again...just kidding....

I'm in a massive re-decorating, organizing clean mode still. I ordered things from the container store - to organize the cabinets, I'm getting a nice brown quilt and will re-do the bedroom colors (curtains, etc.- the best little whorehouse in Texas look has to go. Although Jim has offered to pay me for sex.

I'm going to sand and paint the kitchen cabinets - an off white to brighten up the kitchen - - Ankit want to come and help??? Ankit, is the only one that reads my blogs. Ankit, will be in my will. Do you like to cook, Ankit? Because all I have to my name are nice kitchen appliances, top of the line pots and knives and over 500 cookbooks...and then there is the 22 year old...anybody want him...anyone??? Bueller? Bueller???

Andrew is too sick to go to school - he was up at 4:45 a.m. and coughed all night - I am miserable myself - I'm decorating the Noah's Ark cookies, the animals (2 mini ones on each ark), heart cookies and pig cookies for Andrew's class on Wednesday - it is Chinese New Year on 2/18 - and Andrew's little friend is Chinese so it will be a good way to teach him about a different culture. So because of all this hand decorating etc. -- my nerve condition - causes my arms to go completely numb especially at night - and I woke up 3 times in horrible pain. Even though Andrew was sick, I had him in the car - and he coughed up a piece of lung...and I still was driving to the school - then guilt got the best of me --. We're going to the doctor at 5:45. He did take a 3 hour nap --- God taketh away, God giveth back.

Bryan is here and that is the only good thing about having him here...he can watch Andrew when he sleeps...Bryan is 6' 3" and weighs 300 probably. Andrew is 39 inches tall and weighs about 37 pounds. Bryan walks in the room...Andrew runs up to him - hits him and says "go away, Brother. Go to your room Brother." David and Goliath. For a long time Andrew called Bryan - BUM - a cross between Brother and Bryan - I swear Jim and I don't call Bryan bum - I swear.

Bryan said my hair looked much better - I got it all chopped off - I didn't want the Telly Savalas look - she took off a little too much - but it feels better and looks better. Jim said when I came home, "Excuse Me, Do I know you Sir." He is not getting any of my cookbooks when I die.

Andrew is wrapping his body around my arm....come Mommy come....


Ankit said...

I just checked out the dream house.. it's so coool! jim was pretty excited about it too. Can I stay in the dog house? I bet that it is pretty sweet.

Are you doing all the remodeling in your kitchen by yourself? Did Jim tell you that my family and I remodeled our living room last summer?

I'll take all the vegetarian cookbooks! haha

Ankit said...

I came up w/ a great idea. You should come out w/ a line of ergonomic cookware. Oh and tools to help you decorate your cookies and cakes. I'm imagining something along the lines of a caulk gun w/ frosting.

Andrew's Mom said...

Ankit, Jim spends most of the time in the dog house.

Vegetarian cookbooks - I'll see what I have.

I'll show you my caulk gun - we have those will never be rich!!

If I don't get my red tin back - no goodies tomorrow!!