Monday, February 5, 2007

Fine kettle of fish...Ankit started

My friend, Ankit, posted a blog about his nephew who greeted him at the front door when the came for his birthday party with "Hi, did you bring me my presents?"

I ask my husband the same question every night - "Did you bring me presents?"...Every night I get the same thing - the paper to recycle (the same paper I picked up off the driveway in the freezing cold and put into his backpack after I start the car to warm up to take him to the train station) and his dirty, empty lunch container - (the same container I filled and packed the same morning). I can't even get the "free" basket that I was promised from work that someone else TOOK..or my friggin red tin that I filled with brownies for the heathens he works with - he thinks someone TOOK it. That's more baked goods until I get the tin back! I better not get a picture of a dented tin in front of today's newspaper - with a ransom note! It's not fair I tell you...not fair at all.


Ankit said...

I'm sorry to inform you that our office is broken down into two factions - those who are normal and civilized, and those who transform into hungry wolves at the sight of free food. It's pretty easy to spot who's a beast and who's not. But I can't believe that one of them actually took your basket and tin! Bastards!

Andrew's Mom said...

I think this calls for a full scale investigation. The basket Jim forget to save for me - it was the one the Ghiradelli chocolate came in that I announced loudly that I wanted (and spoke with Jim about it 12 different times and he forgot! men!) and some scallywag took off with it - but the tin - the tin was mine I tell you! I think I can tell also who the thieving bastards are with their heads!