Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm an idiot...and thank God my friends are lazy.

I'm such an idiot - I gave a friend's three year old daughter a birthday card with a frog on it that said HOPPY BIRTHDAY...they are Chinese. Hoppy Birthday. Such an idiot. I'm one step away from Rosie's big slip up insulting the entire Chinese community. If that isn't enough...a couple weeks ago I asked the same friend, who is so sweet, if she could write the name "Lily" in Korean for me - because I wanted to decorate one of the cookies I made for a shower with that for the mom who happens to be Korean. She said, "I could copy it for you if you had it written somewhere but I can't write it." Jokingly, I said to her "what kind of Korean are you", she said, "I'm Chinese". I said, "Are you sure?" Then I said, "Can you learn Korean by Saturday." God helps the idiots....he'll help me.

My two "friends" (and if they weren't truly my friends I don't think that I could bear quote Doc Holliday in Tombstone) who I asked to "stop smoking" in an earlier blog are giving me grief...thank God they are too lazy to open a google account so they can't comment. I use to smoke I know how hard it is to dad died of emphysema and I still smoked, my uncle died of emphysema and I still smoked (both in their early 50's)...and I stopped because Jim told me that he couldn't be with someone who smoked knowing that they were killing themselves..several of his aunts and uncles - dead of lung cancer. Hormones, fertility drugs and four miscarriages have gotten me out of shape again coupled with slacking on my exercise and stopping my isometric exercise...I've started exercising again - but tomorrow I'm hitting it hard and going to do a couple weeks of protein shakes and salads and detox myself...I can't ask others to stop destructive behavior when I am doing the same thing. Just so my two friends know...I do love them and I only say these things out of genuine concern because if they were to get sick - I really don't think that I could bear it...seriously.

Someone once told me that smoking is an oral fixation (he wanted to replace the cigarette with something else) was such a lame comment for a male to make....almost as stupid as me asking three male friends at a St. Louis Blues Hockey Game if they had something to suck on (I had a sore throat). God helps some idiots slower than others.

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Ankit said...

Your Chinese friend situation was hilarious! It sounded so Seinfeld-ish. It's ok though. I'm a bigger idiot. I'm always joking around and sometimes it's a racey joke.. like a black joke or asian joke. Don't get me wrong, I'm equally cruel to all races when I joke. Anywho, I'm an idiot because when I make these jokes, 90% of the time someone of that race is standing behind me.