Sunday, March 18, 2007

Brad & Angelina stopped by

Had the weirdest dream - Brad, Angelina and the new Vietnamese child stopped by to visit with us. Allegedly, Angelina and I are friends from way back....It was weird. Brad kept calling Angelina -- Joanna - I had to take care of the child and Angelina was on the phone....the entire visit. Very strange.

Something just crashed to the floor in the living room. I don't want to know. Don't ask .... don't tell.

Made corned beef, crispy cabbage with bacon and potatoes yesterday along with Irish soda bread. I made two extra loaves for neighbors along with cupcakes and cookies for folks.

Went to church today with Jim - Andrew was sooo well behaved. He looked so handsome in his church clothes and it was the first time I got to sit in the church the entire mass....did I mention that Andrew fell asleep in my arms before the mass started and woke up at Communion (when the bells were jingled before Communion - he picked up his head and said, "what that?"). God is watching us....God is watching us. Everything lately is "what that?" "That cared me that loud noise." "What you doin' mom?" I love that child.

Thursday we were at the park with Jade and her daughter Melissa and we had a picnic. Friday we had 6 plus inches of ice and snow. Al Gore is right!


Ankit said...

I saw An Inconvenient Truth today. That Al Gore dude is definitely onto something. He's got me convinced. I'm gonna reduce my carbon footprint! Who's gonna join me?

Andrew's Mom said...

I already told Jim he needs to re-use the plastic bag he takes his lunch in - since we already have it - re-use it. I'm going to buy the re-usable tote bags for the groceries - every little bit helps. I recycle household items and try not to leave the car idling - I have to read about more I can do.