Friday, March 30, 2007

Facial Profiling

We live on Long Island. My husband takes the Long Island Railroad into Penn Station - walks over to Herald Square and then takes the New Jersey Path to go to work in Hoboken. He use to work in Manhattan but his company moved to NJ to save money on rent/taxes.

My husband in December grew a beard. Everyone is AMAZED by this beard like they have never seen facial hair before. Since December Jim has had his backpack searched three times before getting into the train station (we do that in NY since 9/11 it is suppose to be random) - for the many years before the beard - how many times did he have his backpack searched - ZERO. So he was telling his friend Ankit about it -- "it's not racial profiling, it's facial profiling" - he was quite tickled with this (hence Ankit's comment on my last post).

Also....more facial news - my sister in law picked up our cousins who flew to Florida yesterday for some R & R. Apparently, they have no conversational skills whatsoever and could only managed to talk about Jim's beard. My sister in law...said "we have never seen Jim with facial hair send us a picture" - for some reason this annoyed me - so I sent them a picture of the Geico cave man with this e-mail:

"Poor Chris & Beth - come all the way to Florida and all they have to talk about is Jim's beard. Maybe it's because you can see a likeness of the Virgin Mary when the sun hits it just right."

You think we got problems in Iraq and now Iran - wait until they read this.

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Ankit said...

I think the beard gives him a Chuck Norris-esque coolness. I know he's thinking of shaving it off for the summer but maybe he should just trim it down to a shadow like Razer Ramon.