Thursday, March 8, 2007

Men and boys

Monday when I took Andrew to his two hour drop off program (from which I go running and screaming "free at last, free at last....thank God almighty...I'm free at last) all the way there he said, "I don't want to go to cool" (he has a problem with his "s" and "l"s). We get there and it's like "mom are you still here?" actually he doesn't even speak to me - he starts running, doing his happy dance and playing.

When I went to pick him up, Miss Thelma told me that he said in the middle of class "Excuse me, Miss Thelma, could I borrow your phone. I want to call my mommy I'm ready to go home." - She swears he said it just like that - so funny.

He misses his friend John - John went to Florida to visit his grandma and grandpa - and Andrew said he wants to go visit his grandma. He doesn't have grandparents. So we are looking to adopt. Please forward applications to this blog account.

Yesterday, I re-organized the bedroom - I put my books to read on a new little book case and moved things to the basement - and I moved our hamper to the other side of the room and put a little end table where the hamper use to be.

This morning I went to put something in the hamper and it was still empty (I did laundry yesterday) and I wondered where was Jim's underwear and socks...I thought to myself he didn't....I turned around - and on the floor where the hamper use to be were his dirty socks and underwear. I called him up and I said, "I can't believe you did that." He said that he tried to lift the lid on the end table but of course there wasn't one...then he said he thought about putting it in the drawer on the end table but that was too much effort so he threw them on the floor.

I'm re-negotiating my contract.

Lastly, we have pretty good neighbors mostly all retired but there is a couple next door that is our age or thereabouts. They have a seven year old and when it is remotely comfortable outside that seven year old knocks on the smelly retired fireman down the street - nice guy but he is the loudest most annoying screamer that ever lived. We pay nearly $3,000 a month mortgage - we shouldn't have to hear screaming and yelling at our bedroom windows (actually I can hear him throughout the entire house). It's annoying and frustrating. Every time I grapple with calling the police for disturbing the peace - I take him caramel apples, brownies anything for him to chew so he'll shut the f*** up but nothing works. We left Flushing for some peace and quiet and from Spring until first freeze - there is no such thing here. Even their teenage daughter who is a sweetheart -- screams - is that normal? Do other people scream instead of talking? Do other people think about their neighbors and that they might be disturbing someone? This is especially FRUSTRATING when Andrew is napping or I'm sleeping at 10 at night. I'm moving to the woods.


Ankit said...

It's ok Jenny. I once had a neighbor throw a syringe into my backyard. Well it was a neighbor's tenant and he was a real druggie with big scary dogs. Those were crazy times. It all ended w/ our neighbor throwing him and his annoying girlfriend out in a big scene.

Andrew's Mom said...

Yuck...I wouldn't like that - but back in Illinois I lived across the street from drug dealers - who had teenage relatives that slashed my tires, partied until 3 a.m. - etc. When we moved to a bigger nice house....we hoped to leave that behind -- you will never guess who I saw on moving day next door - one of the drug dealers nephews visiting his cousin - I had a talk with him - and told him I would have no problem killing him if he and his friends bothered us....he said he wasn't like them - and no one would bother us and sure troubles there.