Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lions, Tigers & Guns

I can't feel hatred for this 23 year old mad man who ended 33 lives including his own.

Why was a 23 year old, obviously disturbed young man who was hospitalized for mental illness allowed to purchase two semi-automatic hand guns??

We'll never have gun control in this country but maybe we should have ammo control. If someone passes the mandatory test for a gun for "protection" they should be allowed one round of ammo - it should all be computerized and unless this person has used the gun to protect himself (police reports, etc.) then they shouldn't be allowed to purchase more ammo. -- Target practice - at each target shooting facility - ammo can be purchased but has to be used on the premises - and this should be monitored. If we have HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars to fight a war we shouldn't have gotten into in the first place - we can have the same amount to monitor guns/ammo purchases etc. All of this has to be cheaper than 32 victims funerals and 32 victims families being ruined.

If only I were Queen.

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Ankit said...

Guns are stupid. My friend Jayesh brought up gun control during lunch and made an interesting point. He asked why they couldn't make a gun that fires just one bullet before needing to be reloaded. There's no need for semi-automatics unless you're in the army. There's no need for a hand gun with several rounds loaded if you're using it for "protection." It'd prevent a guy from shooting up a classroom because there is time to stop him while he reloads. But I'm sure illegal automatic guns would sneak into the country like drugs to and find their way to those who wish to do harm. *sigh*