Friday, August 31, 2007

Dear God - it's almost September

It's the 31st of August - Jim & I are married five years today. Sister-in-laws called and said "did you do anything special today?" "Why, yes...I cooked 6 racks of ribs, a huge tray of home made mac and cheese, shucked 10 ears of corn, made two dozen almond cupcakes with caramel frosting and a pan of chocolate chip cookie dough brownies for the annual family Madri Gras day at the beach tomorrow." They laughed...they didn't ask me to do it - but they are indecisive about things - and they are going through enough--that I did it. Not complaining - but funny that they ask...I also took Andrew to the park and to his friend Melissa's house. He loves going to his friend's houses.

I made 50 Christening cookies - for our adopted Grandpa Bud & Aunt Florence - his 3 month grandson's Christening is Sunday - they turned out beautiful and everyone was surprised.

Regarding our anniversary, I told Jim no card, no flowers, no nothing...but something would have been nice - so I ordered myself a pan. Hi, I'm Jenny, and I'm addicted to all things kitchen and home related.

Jim is depressed. He works so hard all the time, gets calls all the time, worries all the time...for what - for the pride of doing a fantastic job and paying a 3K mortgage for a small house in Long Island. He's exhausted. I'm exhausted because he works all the time, gets calls all the time, worries all the time and I do my normal mother, wife and now home improvement duties. I want to get a job at night to help, I want to get a job so he can maybe find something that isn't going to kill him before 50 - but he won't let we trudge on.

Again I'm sick - very sore throat, cough, aches and miserable. For a while today, I was afraid I was going to die...then I was afraid I wasn't.

Life goes on and I'm going to bed - it's 8:30 on a Friday night. P-A-R-T-Y.

On a positive note, Britney's newly released single is a huge hit. Happy happy for K-Fed's divorce attorney.

Best line I read this week - Rosie O'Donnell's blog about Sen. Craig "Saggy Senator Seeks Sucking". NOT GAY, NOT GAY, NOT GAY --- we're going to start printing that on our currency.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Dear God - it's August

I can't believe it is August already....and I haven't posted anything or written anything in a month besides a draft of a suicide note .... I like to plan ahead and be prepared for anything ...

So busy - Andrew keeps me hopping, we're doing work on the house - I'm re-doing the half bath myself - little by little, and our big bath gut and reno - has been postponed until the week of September 3rd...long story....

Last week we had a downpour of torrential proportions --- I got drenched to the bone, gave myself a concussion - because my husband decided to hold an umbrella over me even though I was wetter than the Titanic after it hit the iceberg (I had taken our elderly friend that we take to church - to the grocery - while Jim and Andrew visited with her brother who lives with her - I got drenched getting the car and getting the groceries and Florence in the car and then getting her back in her house without her getting wet)...When we left their house the intensity of the rain diminished but I was scrunching down because my husband insisted that I needed to be under the umbrella and I banged my head into the corner of the car door (I almost passed out)- a week later and it is black and blue still and I'm still having headaches...whether it is from the head injury or my husband being home on vacation .... I don't know.

After the head injury - we started home and a couple blocks from our home - we see black thick smoke coming from our block - a transformer got hit by lightning and two houses were severely damaged - we were without power and telephones for 6 hours --- but no one was hurt seriously --- well except for me and my head injury.

My husband called his co-worker on Sunday from his cell phone...Motorola piece of crap...and here is the conversation heard in our home....

Jim says: "Ankit, Ankit, Ankit.....Hello Ankit", "Ankit, Ankit, Ankit...."

Jenny says: Stop it...that isn't funny.

Jim continues: "Ankit, Ankit...Hello Ankit, Ankit...."

Jenny screams: Stop it it isn't funny....

Monday morning - my 3 year old is watching the Wiggles...and he says out of the blue:

"Ankit, Ankit, Ankit....Stop it...Ankit it isn't funny." He has been doing that all week....he's a riot.

I'm exhausted. Off to mudslide.