Thursday, January 31, 2008

How did Jack Benny pop into our son?

He is insanely funny.

The other night - my weird husband says:

H: "Andrew who is your favorite girl at school?"

A: "huh?"

H: "who gets your blood pumping?"

A: "my blood pumping?"

H: "who gives you butterflies in your tummy?"

A: "butterflies??!!?"

H: "does anybody make any of your body parts feel funny?"

A: "my elbow hurts".

We laughed so hard.

Today: He wants to go eat. I say, "wait one second I have to get a check for Miss Marie" (Miss Marie is the owner of Little Learners". Andrew says, "why does Miss Marie get a check?" I said because tomorrow is her day to get paid. He says, "I better spread the word." Where does he get this stuff? He's 3 1/2 years old!

Then I help him with a puzzle piece and I said "Are you happy now?" He says, "Aye, aye my captain." Good's a laugh a minute here.

Without a doubt he has my sense of humor!

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Ankit said...

This kid's a riot! lol wait, i mean laughing out loud! :-P