Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jack Benny Jr meet Jack Benny Sr.

So I go to my husband's bag to get his dirty lunch container, etc. and a print out of something - and I pull out

"10 Ways to Be a Better Husband"

So I say "I love you - you are so cute." Then he proceeds to tell me that he told his buddy Ankit (his protege -- he is mentoring Ankit in his relationship - if Ankit follows Jim's advice his gf will be lg ("long gone") that he printed this out to leave in his bag so I could find it...ha ha ha...then he told Ankit to photoshop it - and make it say "10 Ways to be a Better Boyfriend"... Then I review the article and he has only printed out 5 of the steps. He told me he was only available do a 5 step plan which I understand because if I give him an order for McDonald's his head smokes....

I go on MSN and find the article and now realize why he didn't print out the last five - because they have to do with his family and not farting.

On a cuter note, Andrew told Jim, "Daddy, I love Miss Carol (his SEIT)." Jim asks, "Why?" Andrew says, "Because she is so girly." Andrew must have printed out "10 Ways to be a better pre-k'er."


Ankit said...

Oh man, you have to admit that that was a great idea. When I read the first few sentences of that post, I started laughing so hard because I thought, "His plan worked!" hahaha

On a side note, Andrew likes girls :) Seems like Miss Carol makes his elbow hurt.

Alejandra said...

Hi Andrew's Mom! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just wanted to let you know that I just posted the Italian Rainbow recipe! Take care!