Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My husband is having a carotid doppler test on Thursday - he postponed from tonight - now he is complaining about how bad he feels....don't even go there... did he get his prescription filled (I offered to do it)...no? Did he schedule his MRI? no. WTF?

If I have to find a new baby daddy - .... I'm too old for this shit.

Heath Ledger died, 28. Found dead with pills around him. What is it with celebrities? Why do they want to be a star and then they can't handle it??? Is it the be careful what you wish for syndrome....I should be grateful I was never discovered - Lord knows I have the talent.

On a lighter note, apparently boinking a married photographer with a British accent - causes you to develop a British accent. Is there no end to the train wreck that is Britney Spears? I hope he got his money shot....but really there isn't an inch of Britney we haven't already seen in close up nonetheless. I would like to see a shot of her with her boys at the park without a cigarette, latte, Red Bull and a nanny or two.

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Ankit said...

LoL Money shot. hahahaha