Friday, July 31, 2009

Another renewal in humanity

My dear friend, Susan,- whom I haven't spoken to or e-mailed in ages - sent me an Edible Arrangement (fruit - Andrew's favorite!!) and, of course, when I told Jim - he said, "Edible Panties". She has two beautiful daughters and an Irish husband (poor girl) and I think we are actually going to get together the end of August and devise our plan to make millions - insert evil laugh here...wahhhhahwhhwwwwhhhhha.

Susan and I met at Michaels and took the Wilton cake decorating classes together. I was totally bitchy to her - because I got there early put my sweatshirt on the back of a chair and my bag with supplies on the table and went to the bathroom. I came back and there was this pretty Korean girl sitting in my fucking chair. I was really crabby - I had just had a miscarriage the week before, I was hemorrhaging like (TMI I know) nobody's business and it was the first time I was leaving my baby (2 years old) to do something for myself and someone took my chair! She apologized after I said something rudely (under my breath - like all good Irish girls do) and we ended up being partners the whole three months - so funny....I guess. Right Susan, funny?

Thank you, Susan. I love you and miss you too.
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