Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've been up to my ovaries (dried out bastards that they are) in vomit - Andrew has had a virus since Thursday night. He seems a little better - but isn't eating and now has a killer cough. Dr. B said that the virus could go into a secondary infection - like pneumonia or bronchitis so I probably will have to take him for another check today.

I started the Right Size Smoothies today - not eating wasn't working so let's see if drinking will help (ahh only if alcohol was non-caloric)- actually it tasted great and I followed it with a big glass of water (not diet pepsi). I've been working so hard lately on the house, painting the bathroom, staining the deck, baking for friends and now I want to start working out again - I can't believe I use to run an hour a day just a couple years ago -- now they only running I do is from the voices in my head.

Jim is waiting until the end of summer to have his second opinions - although four medical professionals have told us the same thing: In the next five years one of two things WILL definitely happen (1) he will have his colon removed and be okay or (2) he will have cancer detected and will have to have the surgery PLUS radiation and chemo. He's a procrastinator - one of the things I don't like - I'm a take action and get things done person!

The person we lent money to - hasn't answered my e-mail - nor returned my call. It isn't even the money - it's the hiding crap. That pisses me off. Just grow a pair and call me and say, "I don't have it - it will be at least ___ until I can pay you back."

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adozeneggs said...

OY! I can't believe you could run an hour a day.
I hate exercise, but my young assistant is doing two workouts a day for soccer. I'm slightly inspired. He is 17 though, got a slight leg up on me.