Thursday, July 30, 2009


I see pictures posted on Facebook - all these people doing family events and events with friends...and we really don't do any of that .... I don't know if it is because of Andrew's diagnosis, Jim working 16 hour days, my being basically a single mom, no babysitter - ever or people just don't invite us anymore because we usually can't come - at least not together. It makes me sad.
I have to admit - I'm too fucking tired to think about going out during the week - or even on the weekend - on Saturdays I'm up at the crack of dawn with Andrew - I take him to reading class at Hofstra - then try to keep him busy outside the house until 1 or so - so Jim has some free time - then it is time to come home and think about what I'm doing for dinner - cleaning up the mess that was made while I was gone...Sunday - up at the crack of dawn again, church is an all morning ordeal - Jim sleeps late, gets up eats, takes his hour long shower - we run out the door (I've already picked up Flo because we would never be on time if I didn't do that because Jim is Dagwood Bumstead)...we go to church - Jim does his usher stuff - we take Flo home or go out to lunch - and by that time its 2 p.m. again - there is never just a break....okay enough of my whining. Off to finish up dinner. Huge roasted pork chops, spaetzle, gravy and sauerkraut (yuck). I'm making blueberry pancakes with Andrew for his dinner - he wants them!

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theprovidentwoman said...

I know what you mean. I can't seem to be able to plan anything either. I work 3 jobs. My husband works 2. We have 3 kids. Busy, Busy, Busy.