Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's disgusting out there....

You walk out the door and pure wetness and not from rain.

I got the car inspected, returned the Right Size smoothies - 141.00 for three cans of shake mix - I can get it for $10 a can at Trader Joe's so I returned it. I want to bake and do a few things - but today is going to be don't do any thing day in the kitchen. Yesterday I made etouffee and that took a couple hours - I'm going to go relax and watch some t.v. I have to pick up Andrew at 2:45 then he has a social skills group at 4 - we'll get home about 6 after moving cars, etc.

Tonight or tomorrow - I'll bake brownies for one of his teacher's birthday this weekend. Next week I'll make brownies for the Hofstra folks and for my sister-in-law.

Nothing new or exciting to report...but this -- I did spray a police officer with Diet Pepsi at Dunkin Donuts this a.m. -- I opened the refrigerated case to grab a Diet Pepsi and one flew out - the cap broke and Diet Pepsi everywhere. My little Yankee Doodle wanted a donut on the way to school - so I obliged.

I know a few friends read this - so pass this info on - if you want any cool cookies/favors -check out a friend's website - - they are yummy and beautiful!

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adozeneggs said...

Awww honey thanks!!
Sorry I'm not reading too many blogs as regularly lately. I'm hooked on that friggin' Farm Town, AND Bejeweled.
Must stop playing games!!