Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I love the Fall. It's my favorite time of year. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer - in that order (I don't even like summer but I have to rank it somewhere).

I'm doing a Fall Foodie Swap - one of the blogs I follow A Dozen Eggs ( has organized it. I love this kind of stuff - even though this is the first one I'm doing. Yes, I have sent boxes of things to friends that I have enjoyed picking up - but this is an official swap - where I will indeed get something back and I did today (see picture above)!!!!! Thank you Patti - I love everything. Andrew wants the pasta tonight! (I'm making brown sugar chicken, herb crusted pork loin, roasted garlic potatoes, carrots and green beans - I've already made a dutch apple cheesecake, brownies, giant decorated sugar cookie and pecan pies (that didn't set properly - I never had that happen - darn it - so we picked up a chocolate mousse cake just for insurance)...but I still have to make the pasta).

A friend sent me this message on facebook: " mom said the other day she saw Andrew & he was going "im not gonna do it, im not gonna do it, im not gonna do it" so shes like "Andrew, what are you not going to do?" and hes still going "im not gonna do it, im not gonna do it" so shes like "Andrew whats wrong? what arent you going to do?" and he goes "im not gonna cry, im not gonna cry" hahahaha I found that to be so funny!!!!! Very cute!"
It made me sad - poor kid has so much anxiety.
We got good news yesterday - Andrew doesn't have the same mutation as his father! Hooray - he has an MYH variant - like his Aunt Nora - and will probably need monitoring in the future - but for right now - he's good - thank God!
Happy Fall!


adozeneggs said...

Thanks for the link, I heard you sent out a fantastic package.
That's my word of the month, fantastic. I'm replacing amazing and awesome.
Me thinks I need a thesaurus..

Rachel said...

I love fall too! And love getting presents. =)