Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The $240 Christmas Tree From Hell

$20 in gas to drive to Nomansland to cut down our tree "it's a tradition"

$70 for the tree

$5 to tip the kid who tied the tree onto our car

$40 for lunch at Applebee's because we are in Nomansland and hungry

Future $$$ it will cost Jim for being mean to me because I told him to get off on the wrong exit (twice)

$20 for the leather gloves Jim left at the tree farm

$5 for the brand new glove of Andrew's he left as well

$70 the next morning to have the service station jump our car because Jim left the car door open and the light drained the battery (it was so cold too)

"it's a tradition"

$$$$$ to enlarge our living room and dining room because Jim has decided that this tree incident (did I tell you that it is the biggest tree in the history of mankind - Rockefeller Center would envy this tree) as we now refer to this experience has convinced him that our living space is too small - I shudder to think what next year's tree will cost us.

Happy Holidays.


BevB said...

LOL~ it's a tradition ~ Priceless!

cookies and cups said...

hahaha! hilarious!
especially the future $$ for the mean it!

JK said...

:) I've had incidents like that though not with a try and I'm usually right about the directions. :) I'm sure by now the memory has faded some.

Merry belated Christmas & Happy New Year!