Friday, July 31, 2009

Another renewal in humanity

My dear friend, Susan,- whom I haven't spoken to or e-mailed in ages - sent me an Edible Arrangement (fruit - Andrew's favorite!!) and, of course, when I told Jim - he said, "Edible Panties". She has two beautiful daughters and an Irish husband (poor girl) and I think we are actually going to get together the end of August and devise our plan to make millions - insert evil laugh here...wahhhhahwhhwwwwhhhhha.

Susan and I met at Michaels and took the Wilton cake decorating classes together. I was totally bitchy to her - because I got there early put my sweatshirt on the back of a chair and my bag with supplies on the table and went to the bathroom. I came back and there was this pretty Korean girl sitting in my fucking chair. I was really crabby - I had just had a miscarriage the week before, I was hemorrhaging like (TMI I know) nobody's business and it was the first time I was leaving my baby (2 years old) to do something for myself and someone took my chair! She apologized after I said something rudely (under my breath - like all good Irish girls do) and we ended up being partners the whole three months - so funny....I guess. Right Susan, funny?

Thank you, Susan. I love you and miss you too.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I see pictures posted on Facebook - all these people doing family events and events with friends...and we really don't do any of that .... I don't know if it is because of Andrew's diagnosis, Jim working 16 hour days, my being basically a single mom, no babysitter - ever or people just don't invite us anymore because we usually can't come - at least not together. It makes me sad.
I have to admit - I'm too fucking tired to think about going out during the week - or even on the weekend - on Saturdays I'm up at the crack of dawn with Andrew - I take him to reading class at Hofstra - then try to keep him busy outside the house until 1 or so - so Jim has some free time - then it is time to come home and think about what I'm doing for dinner - cleaning up the mess that was made while I was gone...Sunday - up at the crack of dawn again, church is an all morning ordeal - Jim sleeps late, gets up eats, takes his hour long shower - we run out the door (I've already picked up Flo because we would never be on time if I didn't do that because Jim is Dagwood Bumstead)...we go to church - Jim does his usher stuff - we take Flo home or go out to lunch - and by that time its 2 p.m. again - there is never just a break....okay enough of my whining. Off to finish up dinner. Huge roasted pork chops, spaetzle, gravy and sauerkraut (yuck). I'm making blueberry pancakes with Andrew for his dinner - he wants them!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's disgusting out there....

You walk out the door and pure wetness and not from rain.

I got the car inspected, returned the Right Size smoothies - 141.00 for three cans of shake mix - I can get it for $10 a can at Trader Joe's so I returned it. I want to bake and do a few things - but today is going to be don't do any thing day in the kitchen. Yesterday I made etouffee and that took a couple hours - I'm going to go relax and watch some t.v. I have to pick up Andrew at 2:45 then he has a social skills group at 4 - we'll get home about 6 after moving cars, etc.

Tonight or tomorrow - I'll bake brownies for one of his teacher's birthday this weekend. Next week I'll make brownies for the Hofstra folks and for my sister-in-law.

Nothing new or exciting to report...but this -- I did spray a police officer with Diet Pepsi at Dunkin Donuts this a.m. -- I opened the refrigerated case to grab a Diet Pepsi and one flew out - the cap broke and Diet Pepsi everywhere. My little Yankee Doodle wanted a donut on the way to school - so I obliged.

I know a few friends read this - so pass this info on - if you want any cool cookies/favors -check out a friend's website - - they are yummy and beautiful!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ellen Stalker.

Cupcake stalker - Ellen beware !!!


I've been up to my ovaries (dried out bastards that they are) in vomit - Andrew has had a virus since Thursday night. He seems a little better - but isn't eating and now has a killer cough. Dr. B said that the virus could go into a secondary infection - like pneumonia or bronchitis so I probably will have to take him for another check today.

I started the Right Size Smoothies today - not eating wasn't working so let's see if drinking will help (ahh only if alcohol was non-caloric)- actually it tasted great and I followed it with a big glass of water (not diet pepsi). I've been working so hard lately on the house, painting the bathroom, staining the deck, baking for friends and now I want to start working out again - I can't believe I use to run an hour a day just a couple years ago -- now they only running I do is from the voices in my head.

Jim is waiting until the end of summer to have his second opinions - although four medical professionals have told us the same thing: In the next five years one of two things WILL definitely happen (1) he will have his colon removed and be okay or (2) he will have cancer detected and will have to have the surgery PLUS radiation and chemo. He's a procrastinator - one of the things I don't like - I'm a take action and get things done person!

The person we lent money to - hasn't answered my e-mail - nor returned my call. It isn't even the money - it's the hiding crap. That pisses me off. Just grow a pair and call me and say, "I don't have it - it will be at least ___ until I can pay you back."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


July 4th was nice. After all my angst, it was nice.

And the meanie brother in law, was sweet and pleasant - SOOOO if he can be sweet and pleasant - why can't he at least be civil the other 364 days of the year. What makes me so mad - is that he is likeable - but when he purposely sets out to hurt feelings and be mean - it makes me do mean things.

Jim's family should know I love them - even the King of Rude - but there is just so much poor white trash from Illinois can take without blowing.

Let's see two months until Madri Gras.

Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3rd

It's a feeling bad day. Nothing "bad" happening - I just feel exhausted, miserable and overwhelmed. Andrew wants constant attention, Jim went back to work - and I have to make a shitload of stuff for the annual trek to the beach to spend the day in a TINY bungalow with 40 large people and one autistic five year old. It isn't fun for me or him. Everyone else drinks and could care less as they are all the bosses and me just a lowly outcast. "Don't put that there." "What are you doing?" "Do you boil water like that?" Sweet Mother of God, kill me now.

It's 12 hours - I can suffer through 12 hours. I've suffered through worse.

Addendum: The folks aren't that bad - it's just really really loud and really really crowded and my Asperger's kicks in.