Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I got 3 followers! I got 3 followers!

How depressing and exciting all at the same time!

Thanks Ankit - only had to beg for a few minutes!

Tell your friends...about my blog - where else can you get your daily dose of white trash all in one place????

You should see me leaving my house now - if Wife (see Exhibit A entry) is home - I do a criss cross pattern - on Two and a Half Men...Jon Cryer's character (I think) was involved with a less than sane woman and he did the bob and weave pattern across the room when he thinks she has a gun - it was very funny and I will see if I can find the clip. I figure if Wife is drinking and I'm a moving, bobbing target - my chances are better.

Can you hear the Green Acres theme music playing in the background???


HoneyB said...

LOL, now you have 4! Your so cute!

HoneyB said...

P.S. You probably don't know, but my DIL works with autistic children...she is the program director in our county.

Andrew's Mom said...

It's like Christmas in January!

Shelby, it's funny every time I tell someone about Andrew (at church, in a store) they know someone who works with autistic children. God bless your DIL and all the people who work with special needs kids.

We have it good - I know - he is high functioning and loving -- but it is hard sometimes - we all have our rows to hoe - I love my row (almost another Green Acres tie in).

I've been a fan of your blog for a long time.