Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I got 3 followers! I got 3 followers!

How depressing and exciting all at the same time!

Thanks Ankit - only had to beg for a few minutes!

Tell your friends...about my blog - where else can you get your daily dose of white trash all in one place????

You should see me leaving my house now - if Wife (see Exhibit A entry) is home - I do a criss cross pattern - on Two and a Half Men...Jon Cryer's character (I think) was involved with a less than sane woman and he did the bob and weave pattern across the room when he thinks she has a gun - it was very funny and I will see if I can find the clip. I figure if Wife is drinking and I'm a moving, bobbing target - my chances are better.

Can you hear the Green Acres theme music playing in the background???
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