Thursday, January 7, 2010

January cleaning....

So since Monday I have:

taken down the ENORMOUS Christmas tree and put the Christmas decorations away -- lights are still outside - the last time I did that I ended up picking thorns out of my bum for weeks - it was not pretty and WTF (herein will mean White Trash Folk) leave them up at least until Valentine's Day;

donated several large bags to charity of Andrew's things;

donated six large bags of games, books etc. to a person on Craigslist;

totally organized the living room;

cleaned out the foyer and office closet;

working on the basement and other areas....

I'm getting there. I'm actually sore from this work. Which brings me to the following topic...I have to get busy - my friend and Eileen are challenging ourselves to lose weight....I myself have to get going or else run the risk of a small, perky, curly haired man in silk gym shorts will come a knockin (Richard Simmons).

Doing great so far. Approaching it differently. More on that later.

Lastly, the nerve of some people - yesterday a follower of this blog thanked me for the brownies I sent in to him - his goal is to gain fifteen pounds this year. I offered myself as a fat donor - but the nerve...the nerve to complain about being too skinny. Men will never learn.

Over and out.


Ankit said...

Who's the punk that needs to gain weight?

Andrew's Mom said...

I don't want to "name names".