Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Neighbor

Even though her cookies are shy a few chips and I think she is an emotional, disturbed mess of a person right now - the woman thinks I called Child Protective Services on her. I did not.

The husband who should pay me as his personal listening wench told me ten days ago that the Son's psychologist was going to file a report with CPS because the Son went into Wife's bedroom and she was allegedly drinking vodka and screamed "Get out!! Get out!!" Apparently, the Son informed his psychologist all about Sunday's Jerry Springer re-enactment and the ever shrinking bottle of vodka.

I really feel awful and sick inside. While she has her issues - I would never report her to the authorities. If I witnessed her abusing her Son, of course - I would do something - but I did, and would, not report her to CPS.

Her Son called his father (the Husband) and told him "Dad, Dad - tell Jenny to not say anything - Mom thinks she reported her to CPS." Husband and Son knows I did not - but apparently even though the Son said, "Dr. ____ did Mom" -- she doesn't believe it. The poor kid is still trying to protect me from his Mother's wrath.

If I ever become like that, I hope someone puts me out of my misery.

Andrew has seemed to settle down- he no longer cries about the crazy woman - although when Jim came home from work - they went downstairs and I heard Jim telling him that he doesn't have to worry - we would protect him. What's this "we" stuff - he works twelve hour days and then worked all day today, Saturday. I'm here fending for myself. I'm going to have to practice a routine to Kung Fu fighting.

I have learned my lesson. Don't talk to neighbors. Ever. Again.


Ingrid said...

Oh, snap! Sounds like that's going to be lingering problem. The house next door to me is for rent I pray that they are "normal". :)

adozeneggs said...

We had the visiting neighbor issue when we first moved here. Now they stay away.
And I'm glad.
I hope your loony neighbor leaves you alone.

Monica H said...

That's sad and I feel kind bad for that family. I hope she gets help and leaves you alone!