Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Six followers...

Half a dozen.


Now I know how Pioneer Woman feels.


I've been wanting to post why my "blog name" is Andrew's Mom -- some of you may relate. Before Andrew - I was always Jenny (even with Bryan when he was little years ago - I was Jenny because I worked and didn't get to do all the wonderful things I can do now).

When Andrew and I started Mommy & Me classes, I was Andrew's Mom to all the other kids, at the park "Andrew's Mom"....so that made me choose the log in name Andrew's Mom.

My g-mail and twitter accounts are "IcyWit" because at one of my first jobs - Ralph Kalish - a wonderful man and lawyer told me I had an "icy wit" that I was funny and sharp and could be mean. He also told me that I gave looks that could turn someone to stone. I kinda liked that. So all my sign in names have been Icywit.

Now I'll have to enter the Witness Protection Program.


adozeneggs said...

Wait, who's Bryan??
Am I being too nosy?
Hey, BTW we used the Fundue pot a couple of weeks ago, it was a huge success, once I figured out how to work it.
Thanks so much, I think Dave and I will be doing Fundue again soon!

Andrew's Mom said...

Bryan is my 24 year old son. I had him when I was 12 (joking). I waited almost 20 years between kids - I wanted to be rested. I'm glad you used the fundue - and like it. I like the idea of it - just seems like a lot of work for me - since I don't think anyone else would enjoy it.

Alejandra said...

lol now you have 7 followers!! :) I love the name explanation. When I was growing up, I had a friend who used to call my parents "Mrs. Alejandra and Mr. Alejandra" which they just found absolutely hysterical (especially my dad). We're in our late-20s now and my friend STILL calls my dad Mr. Alejandra (although now she just calls my mom by her first name).

adozeneggs said...

Wow, that's a big gap between children!
The fondue was actually a lot easier than I thought. I just served it with toasted bread cubes, steamed broccoli and apples. It really is just wine, cheese and cornstarch. Easy.
Thanks again!!