Monday, January 18, 2010

You are uninvited....

Do you ever invite people for dinner and then the day of the dinner have no desire to cook, clean...and seriously ponder the ramifications of pulling out the paper plates and throwing down some KFC. KFC yeah you know me. (BTW, I hate KFC. I also hate abbreviations).

Gotta run - company is coming in fifteen minutes and I did cook. Two bacon roasted chickens - courtesy of Nat at Hot Off the Garlic Press (, roasted garlic potatoes, honey glazed carrots and egg noodles (my husband not a big potato fan).

I'll also serve the Drunken Layered Apple Cake I made this morning from Warm Bread and Honey Cakes (a new favorite cookbook). I made two cakes this morning one for my brother in law's birthday and one for tonight. Andrew and I delivered the cake this morning. (I made two little mini cupcake size cakes and had one and it is flipping fantastic.)

Flo and Rosemary are bringing bread and a cake as well (no fruit for my hubby) but in case they mess up - I have brownies left over from yesterday too.

Time to get out the real glasses.

Happy Monday.

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Monica H said...

All I got out of this was "Drunken Layer Apple Cake" YUM!

I think the idea of having guests over for dinner is always nice but once you realize how much work goes into it, it's no longer fun.