Monday, February 1, 2010

God help us....

So every day since Sadie , Andrew has said that he wants a dog. He even says, "I can't wait to get to heaven because then I can have a dog." He is totally obsessed about heaven and death and believes that in heaven we get our hearts' desires. (No, I'm not training him to be a terrorist - i.e., many virgins awaiting him....he has enough worries for a five year old and heaven should be a great place to go - full of puppies and Legos!)

Due to his allergies, we had to look into a hypo-allergenic dog and thank God that also means low shed. My good buddy, BevB, sent me a link about assistance dogs. I checked out the site and the dog was a golden doodle (not a Drake's cake), a golden retriever and poodle mix. I did some research and found a nice site and really nice woman, Terry.

To cut to the chase, this darling will be joining our family on February 13th.

Anyone with any house training advice, please comment -- I'm thinking lots of prayers and perhaps doggie diapers (I kid, I kid).

Pray for me....pray for me.


BevB said...

I'm so tickled I might need a doggie diaper myself! How old is this little guy/gal? Be sure to check with the breeder to find out when he'll be old enough for hard dog treats so I can send some for YOUR NEW PUPPY! She'll also be able to give you good advice on house training, feeding, to crate or not to crate, etc.
What is he going to name his new friend?
I'm so happy that you've found a perfect addition to your family. Going to take a while to wipe the grin off my face.

Andrew's Mom said...

Bev - you are wonderful! Jim is insisting the puppy be named Panama (he's a VanHalen fanatic). The breeder gave me a fantastic tip e-mail. He'll be 9 weeks old when we get him. Andrew is over the moon!

Andrew's Mom said...

This just in - Jim has agreed to allow Andrew to name the dog - so it will not be Panama (thank you God). Andrew wants to call the dog Wishbone (after the show and since he said, "I always wished for a dog." Now if I could stop stressing over potty training Wishbone - life would be good.

BevB said...
email me your name so I can find you on Facebook.
I just cant stop smiling. Think of housebreaking a puppy as being a bit like childbirth: "Not particularly pleasant but people have been doing it for a long time and once it's over you forget the pain."
- so you'll get thru it just fine.