Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh God Oh God Oh God - I'm a Hoarder....

I'm not one of those messy keep-every-wrapper-and-trash-piled-up-everywhere kinda hoarder but a hoarder nonetheless. I'm the worst kind - I'm a closet hoarder! (not to be confused with Tiger's affliction).

"Hi, I'm Jenny and I'm a Hoarder."

I have way too much stuff. But I so love my stuff. Free stuff, cheap stuff, expensive stuff...I'm all about stuff.

I have 30 plus rolls of Wilton parchment paper because it was 99 cents a roll at the 99 cent store. Not just a regular roll, but a DOUBLE roll! I can mummify my entire extended family with parchment paper and still have rolls left. (That doesn't count the 300 sheets of already pre-cut 9 x 13 parchment sheets I have or the 500 parchment triangles....) Oh God...I'm a hoarder.

I have analyzed myself and my condition. It comes from being dirt poor as a child and not having anything. My pantries are stocked for a snow storm of Little House on the Prairie proportions (Thanks Susan Flanagan for that line). My freezers are so full -my poor husband who loves his ice has to spend fifteen minutes to find the trays. I have easily a thousand cookbooks. I have enough cake supplies and decorating supplies to make Cake Boss look like a rookie. You need a Wilton pan - I got it - I have every wedding cake pan set there is. If they make another one - I don't want to know - because I'll have to have it. Cake stands...don't even get me started on cake stands.

All this being said, I'm getting better. I have started to STOP with the buying, double think each purchase and have actually started giving away some of the items. I have all kinds of conditions though - someone must really love the item and will treat it with the reverence it deserves. I'm like a pet adoption agency - you have to prove to me that you are deserving of my item and if you decide you don't want the item, you must return it to me so I can find it a good home.

Do they make a patch for this?


doughmesstic said...

I AM your PATCH! If you ever decided to unload any of that parchment, or those pans, or stands? LET ME KNOW! I'll be there in a flash!

Andrew's Mom said...

I just spit out Diet Pepsi on the monitor! Actually I was thinking about you for some things...when I'm ready to make that first gigantic step....I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

maybe a Girl Scout patch lol
or a brownie patch (no pun intended)

cookies and cups said...

If they made a patch for this, I would buy one for my husband! He is a hoarder and I am convinced, left to his own devises would be buried under a pile of newspapers!