Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh my God, I'm an idiot.

#1. Who gets a puppy in February in New York?

#2. Who gets a puppy on top of the responsibilities of raising a child with Aspergers?

#3. Who gets a puppy for a child with Aspergers who has severe seasonal allergies plus had a horrific reaction to a dog we tried to adopt months ago?

I do.
Please to meet you, it's me THE IDIOT or a mother who wanted desperately to make her little boy happy.

We picked up Wishbone on Saturday night - a cute golden doodle male who is 8 weeks old. This breed is allegedly hypo-allergenic - and low shed. On the car ride from the airport, Andrew starts breathing funny. By the time we get home coughing and sneezing.

I wrote the breeder and she suggested giving the puppy a bath. We did.

To cut to the chase, Andrew isn't better. He's worse. On top of the obvious severe allergy reactions - he is:

#1. Flapping 30 or more minutes each HOUR. Previous to the reaction - flapping maybe 45 minutes a DAY.

#2. Zoning out and not responding to us. No matter what Andrew is doing when I tell him I love him - he always responds back (I do this 20 times a day) the last two days - he responded once each day.

#3. Totally listless and not interested in anything even the puppy. Not eating - just miserable.

I think the allergy is draining him and making his Asperger symptoms worse.

So we are going to do the following;

#1. Have Wishbone boarded for 1 to 3 days – check Andrew’s progress ---
#2. Take Andrew to doctor to check – and make sure it’s not anything else – he’s on antibiotics for ear infection – so I don’t think so – i.e., no fever.

#3. If Andrew gets better with Wishbone gone – we will be 90 % confident it’s the dog. We’ll get the dog back try for a day or two – if Andrew starts up again – the dog has to go. We know someone who trains Golden Doodles for assistance dogs here on Long Island (found out about this after we signed an agreement to buy this puppy) and we’ll donate the dog to them.

Andrew is upset that we're taking the dog to "doggy daycare" but also is so wiped out that he isn't crying about it. He is also a little afraid of the puppy -- the puppy is WILD - and we're working on correcting that behavior. I've read every site and taken all my wonderful friends suggestions.
I haven't slept in two days - so excuse any errors.


BevB said...

Trying to make your son happy is not the act of an idiot. It's the act of a loving Mom and Dad who want to make their sweet boy happy.
Crap happens. Stop kicking yourself.

Anonymous said...

Jenny you are one incredible mom for trying!


Andrew's Mom said...

Thanks you guys - I know I did what I thought was right - but I had to vent a little and make myself feel better by putting it all down. Andrew seems better (autistic issues resolving) - we go to pediatrician tomorrow - and pick up Wishbone on Friday. Hoping for the best.

Anonymous said...

Wishbone is adorable. (I know that doesn't matter!! or help matters) we're all hoping for the best too. That picture of Andrew and wishbone is priceless.