Friday, February 26, 2010

Twitter Diarrhea...and other ailments

Twitter diarrhea:

"I am standing in line at the Supermarket." (insert link to photo)

"Reading Enquirer, line not moving." (insert cover of Enquirer)

If you are writing twitter updates like those above, I'll pray for you - but have to unfollow you.

Facebook Fakes:

People who list 500 friends? No one has 500 friends - not even Jesus. I have 42 friends (I think) and some of those are even questionable. A friend is someone you would give a kidney up for - think about that before you hit "confirm". (I understand "fans" but "friends" - come on!)

I've been so busy with Andrew. He is coming out of the regression slowly but surely. Today he was almost himself. He still doesn't want to eat - and everything "smells bad" or "has slime" but today he ate a chocolate chip pancake (except for the one bite that had "slime" on it) for breakfast and tonight a hollowed out plain toasted bagel (except for the fourth of it that "smelled") and half of a yogurt collision thing-a-ma-gig. He won't eat a yogurt in a container - it has to be those damn tubes you cut the end off of .... but who cares as long as he eats it.

I got a cookie and butterscotch bar order from one of Jim's co-workers for next week - and I'm actually helping a friend who just had surgery - cleaning her house. She insists on paying me - and maybe this will turn into something else with her friends etc. If I could do three houses a week - that is grocery money. Her sister already wants me to clean her house as well. Jim says it's "beneath me". Come on - it's work - it's $20 an hour - while Andrew is in school and what is the difference between that and killing myself for a Manhattan attorney for $30 an hour (before taxes, railroad, subway and clothing expenses deducted) -- getting his coffee and picking up his Viagra so someone could get beneath him. Work is work baby.


BevB said...

I dont tweet so I wont be sending you any super market highlights.
Clean up on aisle 3!

I'm glad to hear Andrew is wending his way back. Bless his heart, what a trip he's had.

I'm with you - work is work.
I'll be dragging my sweet self around neighborhoods for the Census Bureau. (The pay is excellent, BTW)

I hawk my dog treats & my dog poop pouches at the Farmers Market.

and Yes, there was a time when I might have looked at both ventures as "beneath me" but life lessons can be interesting. Sometimes a good ass kickin' makes you take a second look at your values.

So clean that house, bake those goodies and take it to the bank with your chin(s) up. Hell, woman, it's C to the A to the S to the H!


Andrew's Mom said...

Bev - you would make twitter updates fun - "clean up on aisle 3" - precious! I should check into the Census Bureau thing -but I can only do it between 8:30 and 1:30 - and I don't handle rejection well - i.e., if they slam a door in my face. Main reason I'm not a Jevohah's Witness.

Ingrid said...

LOL, oooooookay. I don't really tweet and don't have a facebook account. Sounds like a good thing.

Andrew's mom's friend Susan said...

$20 bucks an hour, cash and you have the satisfaction of something accomplished. I sit around and clean viruses off pcs all day long and help executives with their Crackberries. You know what I think is "beneath" someone? NOT working. You go girl.