Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Bachelor....Crazy Glue....and Life

The Bachelor.

I will never understand how anyone can sit through that C R A P but then again I'm sure people can't understand why I love me some Golden Girls. Saliva swapping, hot tubs, pools, hotels....that crazy shit is on MTV all the time.

Speaking of crazy, yesterday Andrew hit me (regression is a bitch) and broke my glasses - I managed to keep them on my face most of the day -- then this morning made an appointment for an eye exam. I decided to try to crazy glue the arm back on since I was driving a good distance. Don't touch a paper towel if you have crazy glue on your fingers. Not good.

Managed to get most of the paper towel and glue off - but it was touch and go literally. After 20 minutes, when I thought the glasses were good and dry (decided to crazy glue the other side - I thought what the hell) - I put them on and got into the car. It was cold so I jacked up the heat.

All of a sudden - my eyes started tearing up because the crazy glue was becoming tacky again - and I couldn't see (fumes). Oh by the way, I'm on the Southern State doing 60 miles per hour.

I somehow made it to the Walmart Vision Center and after I parked - I tried to take off my glasses to wipe my eyes and one side is glued to my face. A little yanking and some skin later - I got them off. Who needs an expensive chemical peel. For $2.49 I have very fresh looking temple skin.

After my appointment, I looked around this two story Walmart - there is an escalator that takes the grocery cart up. Oh.My.God. I called Jim and said, "we have to bring Andrew here". Some parents take their kids to Disneyland - others to the two story Walmart.

Life is good.


BevB said...

Im with you on the Bachelor- am proud to say Ive never watched more than a minute of it. Eeyuck!On the other hand, I go to sleep every night watching The Nanny reruns-so my taste isn't so elite either.

I have to apologize, I'm sitting here LOL at the 2.49 chemical peel. Not funny, I know but, good God, woman you do lead an interesting life (!)

If I ever get up there, I want to go on the Walmart escalator too.
{sigh} I gotta get a life.

Andrew's Mom said...

I enjoy The Nanny too. Golden Girls my favorite, 3rd Rock, Frasier, old Bob Newhart...those good old shows.

Andrew is PSYCHED about the two story Walmart - he thinks they may have legos there - although he hasn't show any interest in doing legos in a couple weeks.

Ingrid said...

Oh, my! I don't even mess with that stuff for just those very reasons!

I didn't know Walmart had two story stores but then again I avoid them as much as possible so that's not really surprising. I'm not certain how they are in NY but here in FL most are not very nice and the employees less so. :)

Anonymous said...
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Andrew's Mom said...

Ingrid -- this Walmart is nice - no 300 pound women walking around in a thong - and the employees were nice. I got my pan and recipe the other day - I was so excited! Thanks for the giveaway.

Sue Sparks said...
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Sue Sparks said...

I went to a two story Target and was amazed to see the "cart lift" in between the escalators too:)