Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Bachelor....Crazy Glue....and Life

The Bachelor.

I will never understand how anyone can sit through that C R A P but then again I'm sure people can't understand why I love me some Golden Girls. Saliva swapping, hot tubs, pools, hotels....that crazy shit is on MTV all the time.

Speaking of crazy, yesterday Andrew hit me (regression is a bitch) and broke my glasses - I managed to keep them on my face most of the day -- then this morning made an appointment for an eye exam. I decided to try to crazy glue the arm back on since I was driving a good distance. Don't touch a paper towel if you have crazy glue on your fingers. Not good.

Managed to get most of the paper towel and glue off - but it was touch and go literally. After 20 minutes, when I thought the glasses were good and dry (decided to crazy glue the other side - I thought what the hell) - I put them on and got into the car. It was cold so I jacked up the heat.

All of a sudden - my eyes started tearing up because the crazy glue was becoming tacky again - and I couldn't see (fumes). Oh by the way, I'm on the Southern State doing 60 miles per hour.

I somehow made it to the Walmart Vision Center and after I parked - I tried to take off my glasses to wipe my eyes and one side is glued to my face. A little yanking and some skin later - I got them off. Who needs an expensive chemical peel. For $2.49 I have very fresh looking temple skin.

After my appointment, I looked around this two story Walmart - there is an escalator that takes the grocery cart up. Oh.My.God. I called Jim and said, "we have to bring Andrew here". Some parents take their kids to Disneyland - others to the two story Walmart.

Life is good.
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