Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not peach like me....

Last week we went to the circus. Andrew was somewhat excited to go. We went with our good friends Tim, Regina and Timmy. The kids had fun at Burger King - playing in the germ infested maze-of-illness and then we headed to the Coliseum...the one located in Nassau.

We toured the tired, listless animals. They had already done a show and they were napping. I was jealous - I wanted to be napping. We went through the expensive maze-of-cheap-ass lighted toys they force feed you - at $21.00 a pop. I'd buy my kid anything he wants - but I'm not buying him a piece of crap designed to annoy the hell out of everyone that sits in back of you (and thank God Regina felt the same way). No, thanks. We can annoy folks without a light show and without spending an extra $21.00. We are the frugal annoyers. The folks in front of us bought each of their three kids -- two light toys (that's $42.00) and a unicorn snow cone (that's $11) and that isn't counting the popcorn, pretzels and other treats. What's in their wallet?

Andrew did great until the lights went out - then he cried off and on - and wanted to leave. Jim and I really enjoyed the show - and Andrew did enjoy parts of it. He basically wanted to go home. When he tells everyone about the circus, he mainly says that he and Timmy played tag outside and climbed a big rock. Kiss that $150 in ticket prices goodbye. So long. Farewell.

Later while looking at the pictures I took - I got a great one of Jonathan Lee Iverson - the amazing Ringmaster who is I believe the first African American Ringmaster. I showed Andrew the picture and I said - "this is a picture of the Ringmaster - wasn't he amazing?" To which Andrew responded, "No, he isn't peach like me." What the hell!!! Where is he getting this peach, brown crap. We don't talk that way - we have friends that are different colors of the rainbow. Is he watching All in the Family on TVLand?

We had our talk again about how people's colors, size, gender...don't matter that we are all the same. Dear God, I'm not going to let him put a sheet on his head anymore and play ghost.

He's having a really hard time. Bad reports from school. Yesterday at a birthday party - he had a tantrum big time, hit a friend and then screamed for cake like a barn-raised child. This behavior sent Jim into a funk. Andrew and I didn't even go to church today to give Jim a break from us. We're bad bad people...Andrew and I. Then, I took Andrew out shopping for a couple hours and while gone - semi-sweet Jim came back. I still got miles to go before I sleep.

I have a whole week and a day of planning activities for Andrew. Thanks to Regina and Timmy - we got a couple days covered...the rest is in God's hands.

Footprints in the sand....footprints in the sand.
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