Monday, March 15, 2010

This just in....

What a week, what a week.

I was bred for comfort. I cannot live without electricity. Twenty hours without power and we thought we were the equivalent of Haitian refugees. How the Ingalls did it -- I'll never know. I have to say - it must be the magic of television because their lamps sure did give off a lot of light.

Long Island had hurricane force wind gusts of 70 mph Saturday. Our power went out about 6:20 p.m. - right after I finished dinner and took a shower. While in the shower I yelled out to Jim to get the flashlight ready - because I had a feeling - and I didn't want Andrew to freak out - and freak he did -- Rick James freaky. He was terrified for us to light candles (fire) but we calmed him down because it was better to fear the candlelight than curse the darkness. He was beside himself - terrified by the power outage, hiding under pillows. Trees were falling everywhere and many sirens and fire trucks going by. Thankfully, it wasn't too long before Andrew's bed time. He was asleep by 7:45 p.m. and Jim and I were asleep by 9.

Andrew woke up at 5 a.m. (we had the daylight savings time thing happening here so it was technically 4 a.m.) and told me that he wasn't scared of the electric being out because it really was night time. We snuggled and he went back to sleep until 8 (thank you Jesus).

I kept waking up - praying my little cable box light would be on - but no. Our power came on about 2:30 p.m. on Sunday - not bad in comparison to others. Andrew's school was closed due to power outage and no heat on Monday. Tomorrow if no power - the kids will be bussed to another location. I say bus them to Canada as long as there is school. Wednesday and Thursday are only 8 to 11 days for teacher conferences and this mother needs a break because Friday I am scheduled all day for special education meetings.

My 24 year old took the power outage the worse - he was distraught. He couldn't get anything done - his words (read: gaming). I offered him a book - he recoiled in horror.

I had a cookie and butterscotch bar order last week, meetings all day one day, cleaned Rosemary's house on Friday and this week I have a huge dessert order. I also sold two books for a total of a $100 last week - so it was a good week.

Off to finish dinner -- homemade sesame chicken, garlic broccoli and almond ginger rice. Smells good in here.

Loving me some Ben Franklin - fly that kite baby.


Anonymous said...
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friend Susan said...

We bought a flashlight that has an additional blinking red LED. That way you can find it in the dark. I try and leave it in the same spot but you know how it can be.... It's a little eerie in the beginning but after awhile you feel that red blinkblinkblink is actually reassuring.