Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm just normal....

I have to post this before I forget.

My son told me this morning "Mommy, you aren't beautiful. You are just normal." Thank God - he didn't tell me I was monkey-butt ugly. That would have stung.

He is still sick - day four of a temperature - but today only got to 102. He is on antibiotics.

He is still having big time sensory issues. Yesterday he said "Please Mommy don't touch me. I can't stand it when you touch me. You feel Chinese."

I said, "What? I feel Chinese?"

He said, "I don't care for Chinese."

I think he meant the food and not the people but who knows. Mommy's little bigot.

Spoke to his neurologist - who is increasing his medication and adding "boost" dosages during the day. Going to start that next week when he returns to school. Praise the Lord! School. The most beautiful word in the English language.

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Alejandra Ramos said...

I always love your stories and the way you tell them. I just burst out laughing at the "mommy's little bigot" line. Such sweet humor! I'm glad he's (slowly) getting better.