Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kindness and colons

Today I baked peanut butter cup brownies for the pediatrician's office and for the tech at the pharmacy - who always remembers my name. She is kind. Even when she is stressed out and might not be grinning ear to ear - she is always attentive. I wrote her a note that read something like this:

Thank you for always being kind. When you give birth and are hopelessly in love with a person with autism sometimes life is hard. Some days your kindness is just what I need. (Or something of that nature.)

She called me an hour later to tell me they were delicious and that if there is ever anything she could do to let her know. I told her she already does enough and then asked her about babysitting this weekend. "I have a customer," she said before I heard the dial tone. :-)

People are so busy and I'm sure she sees hundreds of customers a day and it is nice to see someone other than myself who has a memory (sorry not tooting my own horn - I just have an excellent memory and I would totally score on that Instant Recall game on GSN). Granted I am at the pharmacy two or more times a month and then there are times I'm there two or three times a week (when Andrew gets sick they switch around antibiotics) but she just remembers me and it is refreshing.

Lots of things coming up. Bryan's 25th birthday (holy crap). Good thing I had him when I was 12 or I'd be stupidly old now. Jim's 45th birthday. Seventy five cross cookies to bake and decorate for Flo's great nephew's communion. Andrew has a play on the 20th that I have to decorate a T-shirt for - I'm going to draw the globe in a heart shape - it's all about loving our earth. Jim goes back to the sleep apnea doctor to get his anti-stop breathing contraption and then on the 19th of May - he'll go to Johns Hopkins to the colo-rectal cancer risk assessment clinic to get their opinion about his genetic testing. He's already past due for his colonoscopy - he drives me nuts with his procrastination. Last freaking April he got those genetic tests and he is still dilly dallying. I swear to God - if he dies on me - I'll kill him.

Andrew is so-so. He hasn't hit me yet today and it's 5:57 p.m.! Score.

Easter was nice. Andrew had a hard time at church but we survived. After we came home and packed up the goodies to take to Aunt Peggy's -- we decided to stop at the cemetary before going straight to Peggy's. We picked up some flowers and Andrew picked out red carnations for Nana, GrandDad and Aunt MaryEllen (all in the same grave) and he picked out pink carnations for Aunt Peggy (because I told him - it will be nice to get Aunt Peggy some flowers too). He gets in the car and says so sadly, "But I didn't know Aunt Peggy died." Poor kid thought because we were getting flowers for Peggy she must be dead! We had a laugh about that one and I made a note - more flowers for people when they are alive! (Hear that honey? Jim??? Flowers - remember those?) Forget the flowers - just get your colon situated. Oh, you know what I mean.


terrid614 said...

andrew is adorable!! and i want some peanut butter brownies TOO!!! thanks for stopping by my blog!! i am now following you also!!! xoxo

Ingrid said...

Good luck to your hubs and his colon. My honey needs to get his butt (ha-ha) checked,too.

Happy belated birthday to Bryan.