Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a Wonderful World

It has been such a hard eight days (see my previous post) since George died last Wednesday.

I have never seen so many people come to a wake in my life - well maybe a President's or Elvis'. Easily two thousand people. The Knights did a service, the Priest did a service, the Fireman did their send off -- all at the wake. The funeral director, one of George's best friends, was talking to another one of George's best friends (apparently George had many best friends)...and they were saying that people were going to start showing up to the church at 8 a.m. to get a seat - his funeral was at 9:45. The police allowed double parking for the family. The church was packed beyond capacity. It was a beautiful service and much to the Father's dismay another of George's friends sang his favorite song "What a Wonderful World". There were over a dozen clergy there.

They closed off the Cross Island Parkway and Southern State to allow the funeral procession. We were dumbfounded.

George did much for the church, the community, his friends and family. He did much more than some of us ever knew.

It breaks my heart every time Andrew says these things "Uncle George, won't be at Aunt Nora's any more." "I wish Uncle George was still here." "Uncle George always yelled DON'T CRASH! DON'T CRASH! when I played my video games." "I'll send a kiss up to heaven." "Will Uncle George still know who I am when I get to heaven?" "Will Uncle George still love me?" He came home tonight and went to the fridge where there is a picture of Uncle George holding him and kissed Uncle George. Breaks my heart.

Tuesday morning Andrew had his "Clean and Green" show at school - so adorable. We cried because it was sad knowing that George won't be there for his First Communion, Confirmation, graduations...when they sang What a Wonderful World - I lost it. This video is of Andrew singing Baby Beluga with his group - of course he is the kid behind the microphone.


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Paige said...

Death is very hard for them to understand at that age. My daughter was almost 5 when 9/11 happened and had a very difficult time coming to terms with death while it was splashed across every newspaper and on every tv screen.

But, even when we're not ready to let go of those who pass, it helps to remember that you were blessed to have them as long as you did. At least a little bit anyway.