Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm so nervous about leaving my complicated little boy for the afternoon/evening. I have over two typed pages of instructions for my sister in law entitled "Andrew directions":

1) Do not touch the light switch by the front door – that will shut down the t.v. and Wii – and sometimes the Wii doesn’t come back until you disconnect everything (including cables) and then the DVR/cable box – sometimes doesn’t come back on easily and I know you'll want the television later for yourself. I’m taping all my Wednesday shows –but you should still be able to watch a show (please be careful and don’t turn the cable box off when you use the remote –Jim does it all the time - he swears he doesn't and he hasn't in a while - but it happens). At 4:30 - on channel 33 (it will tape) is Andrew's favorite show - Brain Surge - he loves it...if he is fussy - tell him it is on. He jumps alot when this show is on.

2) The phones are in the office and there is one right next to the television.

3) Our cell phones: XXX-XXX-XXXX – XXX-XXX-XXXX – the address here in case of emergency XXX XXXXX Avenue (note to readers - I might not know Peggy's house number although I know where her house is and 911 can't get here by saying it's the tan house a red door) – Bryan has to be up by 6:00 to go to work (I knock on the door and make sure he is up) – don’t go in (scary scary).

4) Andrew’s medicine is drawn up on the counter and his medicine for his sinus infection too–– the syringes goes into his mouth – and he needs a drink of soda afterwards (cup in fridge with straw ready to go. GIVE HIM HIS MEDICINE at 5:15 – 5:30 ish.

5) Chicken rolls in fridge ready to heat – just use your own judgment – (around 45 seconds for a half roll should be okay) he likes it hot but not all cheesy. He hates when it is too cheesy and he hates when it is too cold or too hot. It's a slippery slope I travel.

6) His homework is in his folder – if he is being fussy – let it go. (he usually has one page and I can do it with him on Thursday morning).

7) Tea pot and tea things are ready for you!

8) He needs a snack after school – out and labeled. He usually eats dinner about 4 o’clock – and has a yogurt or watermelon around 6:00 or 6:30 – he just gets water – bottles in fridge – pour into his green cup.

9) AS SOON AS HE GETS HOME – PEE (he should not you!) AND he should WASH HIS HANDS (you have to make sure he does this - he gets distracted and thinks he does sometimes and doesn’t). He should pee every 2 hours at least – remind him – he’ll say – no I don't have to go but tell him he has to go. If he gets fussy remind him – he is trying to earn his dollars (our new reward program).

10) Before getting ready to read books- he needs to pee – brush his teeth (everything set out) – change pajamas (on bed) – turn his night light on – and his favorite books are there on bed. About 6:45 or 7 start that and he should be ready (after 3 or 4 books, about a half an hour) for you to turn off the lamp and say good night (leave his door open – or he’ll scream).

11) Computer – he likes:

www.jumpstart.com (he knows how to log on)

www.freerealms.com -- Login in name:

(these are case sensitive). If you have problems – ask Bryan – (show him this paper). After 6:00 – no computer.

He likes Channel 123 at 3 until 4:30 -- those shows -- and then at 6:30 – he likes 131 Cyberchase but he doesn't always watch t.v..

The Wii he hasn’t played in weeks. Turn the television on -- turn the Wii on- take the TV remote and push INPUT once – you will see the Wii screen and he knows what to do. To get back to the television – hit INPUT three times – and you should be back to TV.

12) Although the last three days have been better behavior wise - if he gets upset and starts having a tantrum - approach him cautiously - don't think you can go hug him and make it better. Last week a part of my cheek was almost ripped out- and I know what I'm doing with him. Riot gear in the closet.

If you have any problems – you can call us.

Do you think I over did it? Trust me - I didn't. Our new reward program is that he gets a dollar a day - one for not hitting, a second for not screaming - so far he's made it three whole days. I'm starting up a new program for me - for Jim. If I don't annoy him, I get $10 a day. If I add in a "you are the most wonderful man in the world" that's an extra $10 and for the FULL wonderful wife experience - that's a $100. So far I haven't earned anything.
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