Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My banana is no match for your sword.

Dear Blogworld:

Thank you for letting me get my words out. I have so many at times and then sometimes I have so few.

My little boy is doing amazing things - for instance....he is being social. Social - happy and interacting with other humans. Again....don't want to step too high on the hopes ladder...but things are looking good.

Yesterday after three years of being terrified of the pool and the bath (getting water in his face/eyes) he went swimming at his Aunt Nora's. He swam (floated) across the pool by himself. He touched the bottom of the pool. He ate dinner at Aunt Nora's and for the first time (except for when Jim and I visited Johns Hopkins) I had an afternoon without him. The first time in six years. It was scary, weird and relaxing and I missed him horribly and I had such guilt. Nora was happy. Andrew was happy. I was happy. I had to have guilt.

He has been so funny - the other day Jim had the measuring tape open. Andrew had a banana he was in the process of eating. He charged Jim and with a hint of Antonio Banderas in his voice he declared, "My banana is no match for your sword." I wrote about this on Facebook - I almost wet myself.

Today I read a story about a little girl and her mother (link below). It took my breath. It does put things in perspective. Our struggles are struggles -- but I think we all need a wake up call once in a while and these "words" gave me one. Pray for Jessica. I am.


Andrew's Mom

P.S. One funny note - I somehow have become one of my own followers on my blog and can't seem to unfollow myself. Does this qualify as blogurbation?
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