Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I wonder if Mel Gibson has autism

Andrew started the Concerta in addition to his Risperdal last Friday. Friday seemed good - Saturday and Sunday - good as well.

Monday morning began the hitting - started off slow and escalated into a beatdown today. He hit me at least ten times this morning and then this afternoon from the moment I picked him up at school at 2:20 until about 3:20 - in the therapist's office - he must have hit me fifty times and kicked me half as much. I could barely contain him - the therapist worked with me and it took the full session in the waiting room (thankfully no one else was there) to calm him down.

I've been very sick -- for many months with fevers, itching (relevant) and swollen lymph node (now nodes). September 1st I started with massive diarrhea to now just blood and mucous - I know too much information - but there is a point to this - I've lost 31 pounds - it's great but I'm weak. The doctor has ordered a barrage of tests and then when those are back - CT scans of my chest and abdomen to rule out lymphoma.

I could barely contain Andrew today - partially because I am weak - additionally because he is so big and strong. I fear for the future. If things don't get better - he is going to end up really hurting someone.

He is an angel at school. Mrs. Salvatore spoke to me today and said he is doing beautifully - she sees some frustration and the "perfection" issue - everything has to be just so-so but he is a good kid at school. The therapist said this is common - that kids can hold it together in school and then let go at home. I'm grateful he is good at school - but if he would give one kid a smack down - we could get more help (I jest sort of).

We worked out a new plan - a four tier behavioral plan.

Step One - a warning
Step Two - a time out
Step Three - he loses Legos for the day
Step Four - no books at night (he is an avid reader - and we read anywhere from three to six books a night - and while I hate that as a punishment -- it must be -- it is his comfort at night - for me to cuddle with him and read).
Step Five - mommy moves to Vegas (joking)

Hello God - are You listening - I know You have Your hands full with those Tea Baggers, the Palins and Paris Hilton - but could You throw me a bone? Just a little one? Thank You.
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