Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I wonder if Mel Gibson has autism

Andrew started the Concerta in addition to his Risperdal last Friday. Friday seemed good - Saturday and Sunday - good as well.

Monday morning began the hitting - started off slow and escalated into a beatdown today. He hit me at least ten times this morning and then this afternoon from the moment I picked him up at school at 2:20 until about 3:20 - in the therapist's office - he must have hit me fifty times and kicked me half as much. I could barely contain him - the therapist worked with me and it took the full session in the waiting room (thankfully no one else was there) to calm him down.

I've been very sick -- for many months with fevers, itching (relevant) and swollen lymph node (now nodes). September 1st I started with massive diarrhea to now just blood and mucous - I know too much information - but there is a point to this - I've lost 31 pounds - it's great but I'm weak. The doctor has ordered a barrage of tests and then when those are back - CT scans of my chest and abdomen to rule out lymphoma.

I could barely contain Andrew today - partially because I am weak - additionally because he is so big and strong. I fear for the future. If things don't get better - he is going to end up really hurting someone.

He is an angel at school. Mrs. Salvatore spoke to me today and said he is doing beautifully - she sees some frustration and the "perfection" issue - everything has to be just so-so but he is a good kid at school. The therapist said this is common - that kids can hold it together in school and then let go at home. I'm grateful he is good at school - but if he would give one kid a smack down - we could get more help (I jest sort of).

We worked out a new plan - a four tier behavioral plan.

Step One - a warning
Step Two - a time out
Step Three - he loses Legos for the day
Step Four - no books at night (he is an avid reader - and we read anywhere from three to six books a night - and while I hate that as a punishment -- it must be -- it is his comfort at night - for me to cuddle with him and read).
Step Five - mommy moves to Vegas (joking)

Hello God - are You listening - I know You have Your hands full with those Tea Baggers, the Palins and Paris Hilton - but could You throw me a bone? Just a little one? Thank You.


Paige said...

We did Concerta and Risperdal as well. Had short term success but long term failure.

Take care of yourself. I know it's hard when one person sucks up all the caring you have available but you matter too. Lots.

adozeneggs said...

ugh Jenny, I'm so sorry that this is going on.
I wish we were closer and I could help you.
I hope things get better soon....

Naina said...

Hi, I am Betty. We met on Amazon.

I have searched your blog posts for anything discussing the gluten free, casein free diet.

Are you just starting the diet? Or contemplating starting?

I would love to encourage you to give this diet a 100% strict go for
at least 3 months, if you have not done so already.

Statistics state that 80% of autistic children are helped greatly by this diet. It takes some time to see improvements. This is because it will take time for the body to completely rid itself of the casein and gluten.

I do feel that my granddaughter is recovered from autism. She does have issues with the give and take in everyday conversation. That is all that remains. I fully expect that this too will resolve. She is getting better daily. :)

I will say, it is easy for her to become contaminated with gluten or casein. This has happened at least three times. When it does you can see the problems of autism return. This diet will have to be for life.

I fear many have tried the diet and failed because of contamination. Gluten and Casein are in most processed commercial foods.

As I mentioned to you, we have since taken out soy too. This has made a difference, while everything was so much better with just eliminating the gluten and casein, the soy brought refinement of things.

I pray your son is one of the blessed children, in that 80 %!

There is so much information available on the net. Plus, Jenny McCarthy has two great books on the subject.

I hope to hear great things!


Oh, my granddaughter is now three!
So, she has time to get the conversation thing down before school. She is great at talking to you, not so great when you ask her a question. Unless it is about food! Hehe... she is a foodie. :) It appears she might be ignoring your part of the conversation. This is not an always thing, she is improving all the time. :)
Gosh, I guess I can't quit thinking of things to say. If you have read all the information on the diet then you already know this. But, just in case you haven't, I wanted to warn you that your child's behavior could get worse for a week or two. This did happen with my granddaughter. This is because she was craving the very foods that were making her sick. She was in withdrawel.

Too, this diet does seem hard to do in the beginning. This is only until you learn all the replacement foods that your son will love. Then it is easy! :)

Ingrid said...

Hope you're feeling doesn't sound good and I know your hubs is having some medical issues too.

Btw, I read what Betty and recalled my bro's g/f saying she had her son on the same diet but to be honest I'm not sure how good she is at it. The one time I say her feeding him it was with processed frozen foods. Kinda weird but I don't know anything....just what I have learned from reading your blog.