Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have yet to find the energy to write about vacation. I will. Someday.

Today we had an appointment with the neurologist at 2:45 for an ADHD medication for Andrew. He is currently on the anti-psychotic for aggression (imagine if he wasn't medicated).

Before that appointment I called Regina to see if we could meet at a park for an hour or so and then have lunch.

Things didn't start off good. He just turned into a monster at the park. Screaming, demanding - and then most of the time over in a corner by himself (while that breaks my heart at least he wasn't hurting anyone).

The last straw was when he ended up pounding Timmy on the back about five times because Timmy was on a push toy he wanted. After I had him sitting on the park bench for fifteen minutes in punishment all the while - screaming, kicking and trying to hit me....Timmy walks up and calmly says - "Andrew I don't like how you treat me." Andrew said, "I'm ignoring you." You understand Timmy was in the wrong because Timmy had something Andrew wanted and no amount of punishment, talking to, pleading, begging, crying would or could make Andrew see that. I apologized to Timmy for Andrew's behavior. Regina asked Timmy if he was hungry and Timmy said, "Yes, but I don't want to eat with Andrew." Neither did I, Timmy, neither did I.

Andrew then threw mulch in my face because I said okay and that I understood. He must have hit me twenty times in the park and fifteen times (with a couple of bites too) on the way to the car.

This keeps getting worse. How many pieces of my soul can be taken before there is nothing left?
Addendum: My husband just sent me a message: "I am just ridiculously tired, sad, hopeless"...yeah, me too.

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Ingrid said...

My brother is dating a lady with an autistic little boy. The relationship is fairly new so I've only "met" them a few times but when I have I think about you. Hang in there!