Sunday, September 19, 2010

Too weak to be distraught....

We must get him off the Concerta STAT. Saturday morning while telling him he had to get off the computer to prepare for religious education classes (ironically) he right hooked me in the eye, broke my glasses (I repaired them) and really bruised the orbital bone around my eye. Jim was at the point of tears because I screamed so loud - this hurt worse than the head butt to my nose -- Jim reminded me of my dad when one of us would get hurt. He was beyond distraught - I am too weak to be distraught. Andrew was punished and the rest of Saturday was better.

Sunday, today, he was a little better - the Concerta isn't working for him. I'm not giving it to him in the morning and I'll call the neurologist. When I spoke to her on Thursday - she told me to up it and up his Risperdal to counter-act the aggression. NO. Three folks I know - had the same problem with Concerta...and Focalin is working for them (it doesn't mean Focalin will work for us) but we know Concerta isn't for him. One of the reasons he has to suffer with seasonal allergies is that the Claritin turns him into Mike Tyson.

Got a call from my doctor last evening - one of my tests came back for Celiac's Disease...and I have to see a GI right away - as there was no parasites in my system (I was hoping for parasites) I most likely have ulcerative colitis. Yippee. Another member joins the let's get up Jenny's ass club.

Andrew has the sniffles and a cough. I'm praying he is recovered tomorrow. He needs to go to school and I need to get some work done around here - today was a stay in bed day. Jim had to work and got home around 1:30 ish. Saturday we spent the day re-arranging the bedroom, then re-arranging it again, then finally re-arranging it. I know I'm going to end up peeing in the hamper one night.

I know this is a messy post. Just doing what I can to confuse the rest of humankind.
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