Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We are so happy that Andrew is doing so well on the medication - he has changed into this sweet, wonderful, adorable child all the time instead of part-time. He is a calmer, gentler Andrew --a thousand points of light Andrew.

Sometimes I feel like it is wrong to change him. I know that makes little sense. Then, I fear that that the medication will stop working...it's quite the dilemma.

Jim is so happy that Andrew seems happier and non-Mike Tyson like and I am too.

I never watched Ally McBeal - but I saw a clip or read something that if she didn't have a crisis - she would invent one....I'm doing that. If I don't have to make myself sick about Andrew, I'll have to look for something else to do. I guess that is a good thing.


BevB said...

My mom once told me I 'always had to have something simmering on the back burner.' so I completely understand that looming crisis mode feeling. I think it has to do my control issues (who- ME?)& fear of not being totally prepared for-and able to respond to- whatever may happen. I'm a facilatator, a fixer..."Crisis? Bev can fix that!" It's a gift, it's a curse.

bottom line: try to enjoy the NOW.

Andrew's Mom said...

I love you Bev.

Paige said...

For a very long time we would freak out over every slightly bad day because we were so scared that the meds would stock working. We still do sometimes. But it does get a little easier to let your guard down with time.

naomi said...

That's a hard thing. My husband and his ex-wife recently placed their son on some medication. I know it was really tough on my husband deciding what to do.

I'm glad to hear its working and you are settling in on him taking it. *hugs*

Ingrid said...

I'm glad to read that Andrew is doing so well and is happier! Enjoy it! But I do understand the unease of waiting for the hammer to drop. I'm more of the variety to not want to write, speak, or think that things are good for fear of "jinxing" things. :)

Happy Halloween! Hope you guys are having a good one.

Andrew's Mom said...

Ingrid we had a fantastic day - hope your family did as well. Last Tuesday things started going downhill - adjusting medication and hoping for the best. xoxo

Ingrid said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I hope things have improved with the medication changes and that I abhor raisins. Yes, we're a lot alike. :)