Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ssshhhh - I think the new medication is working very very quiet....

Andrew started on Strattera last week in the a.m. (and is still on the Risperdal in the evening) and has been doing amazing! (no yelling - forget I typed that exclamation point).

Miracles of all miracles occurred today. The child has been waiting, not so patiently, for Lego Universe to be released. We pre-ordered the game for him and it was delivered in the mail on Tuesday. Jim installed it Tuesday night and this morning I told him that he could play for thirty minutes before school. He was so happy.

Then Jenny's law happened (similar to Murphy's law.

The game kept locking up in the introduction. He got mildly upset. "It is the worst day of my life." But he didn't hit me.

I told him when I got back home from driving Aunt Flo to the doctor and grocery shopping I would call Lego. It ended up with Lego telling me to uninstall and then reinstall with the link they provided and also some other items to check. I don't do things that involve the word "install".

I picked Andrew up from school. The first words out of his mouth - "is the game fixed?"

"No, honey, I tried but there are some things that Daddy will need to take care of tonight." (I then ducked behind a tree in a fetal position.)

"Oh, okay. I wish it could be fixed."

No screaming. No blows to my cranial area. No blood transfusions needed (for me).

Dare I hope to dream?

Trust me, America, this is a miracle of Chilean miners proportions. I kid you not. Normally, this child would have thrown himself on the ground, beaten the beJesus out of me, screamed as if Michael Myers was behind him....and generally made my afternoon/evening like a day with Kathy Bates ala Misery.

He was and has been incredibly even tempered. His psychologist even mentioned that he was very interested in playing a game the correct way not the Andrew way today.

Let's see how long it lasts.

Update: Last night, Jim clicked on the shortcut and it worked four times - after doing nothing. I swear to God (and worse yet - Jim gave me one of those "it's the user" looks - you know the kind computer professionals give us commoners.

This morning - Andrew and I clicked on the shortcut - locked up. Jim came in - and I said "could I not be clicking it right?" He said he would try to fix it tonight. Later, Bryan came in - my older gamer son - figured out the problem and calm is now settled down deep in my soul. Andrew did great again with all the frustration this morning. I knew there was a reason I keep Bryan around - and it doesn't involve him eating all the food in my house.


bevb said...

oh, this sounds wonderful. Let's pray it's the answer we've been hoping for.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead Jenny...give it a few more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are well.


Andrew's Mom said...

Thanks Bev - and Hi Patti! How are you - every time I use my orange spatula I think of you.

Anonymous said...

and you are only good swapper that I have ever met. Future attempts have been a bust! lol


Ingrid said...

YAY! I'm praying for things to continue to get better for ALL of you!

Marthe said...

Wow, sounds like this stuff is really working!! I'm so happy for you!!! Yay!