Friday, February 26, 2010

Twitter Diarrhea...and other ailments

Twitter diarrhea:

"I am standing in line at the Supermarket." (insert link to photo)

"Reading Enquirer, line not moving." (insert cover of Enquirer)

If you are writing twitter updates like those above, I'll pray for you - but have to unfollow you.

Facebook Fakes:

People who list 500 friends? No one has 500 friends - not even Jesus. I have 42 friends (I think) and some of those are even questionable. A friend is someone you would give a kidney up for - think about that before you hit "confirm". (I understand "fans" but "friends" - come on!)

I've been so busy with Andrew. He is coming out of the regression slowly but surely. Today he was almost himself. He still doesn't want to eat - and everything "smells bad" or "has slime" but today he ate a chocolate chip pancake (except for the one bite that had "slime" on it) for breakfast and tonight a hollowed out plain toasted bagel (except for the fourth of it that "smelled") and half of a yogurt collision thing-a-ma-gig. He won't eat a yogurt in a container - it has to be those damn tubes you cut the end off of .... but who cares as long as he eats it.

I got a cookie and butterscotch bar order from one of Jim's co-workers for next week - and I'm actually helping a friend who just had surgery - cleaning her house. She insists on paying me - and maybe this will turn into something else with her friends etc. If I could do three houses a week - that is grocery money. Her sister already wants me to clean her house as well. Jim says it's "beneath me". Come on - it's work - it's $20 an hour - while Andrew is in school and what is the difference between that and killing myself for a Manhattan attorney for $30 an hour (before taxes, railroad, subway and clothing expenses deducted) -- getting his coffee and picking up his Viagra so someone could get beneath him. Work is work baby.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm wearing Milkbone underwear.

No. More. Dogs.

Wishbone is now under the care of Jim's cousin, Francie. She has three kids and two dogs...but because she didn't want Andrew to suffer further she told me that her friend Trisha wanted the dog. It was just a ploy to get us to bring the dog to her because she knew we wouldn't burden her with it...but after driving out to her house - she changed her story. She does say she has a few possible good homes in mind.

I'm mad at myself and aggravated with the breeder. Before committing to purchase and even after, I wrote her several times and even sent her the blog post about Andrew's allergies to dogs. She assured me that golden doodles were hypoallergenic and we would have no problems. If there was a doubt in her mind, she could have taken the high road and said - you know, maybe you should wait and get an older golden doodle after puppy shedding has occurred or kids with severe allergies should really not bother with dogs. I blame myself too because after further research - I learned those things myself.

Originally the picture she presented us with - the dog had a different type of coat. Wishbone had fur. She said the original dog - had a leg problem and offered us a dog from another litter. I should have said - we'll wait. Because in hindsight, the first dog's coat - looked like something a neighbor's dog has that Andrew doesn't seem to have a problem with - but then again - he only spends ten minutes a month with that dog.

After the dog arrives here and we spend two terrifying days with Andrew's reactions, we decided to board him to monitor Andrew's situation. Andrew improves and the doctor said it was allergies not an infection or virus and gives us an Inhaler for an emergency.

The vet tells us that Wishbone has round worms and some other parasite which had to come from the breeder. We had picked the dog up Saturday night late - and this was Tuesday morning when we found out about the other problems. A $200 vet bill later....added to a $625 dog plus money spent for Andrew's doctor, the pet supplies...we're well over a $1,000 for this dog...and trust me we don't have a $1,000 to throw away. By the way, when a vet quotes you $24 a day for's like buying a car for $10,000 - if you want the tires, steering wheel and windows that go up and down (thanks Linda for the window line) - you have to pay three times that amount.

I wrote the breeder and she blew me off. "We were praying it would work out" and not a word about the worms and parasites. I was praying she would at least offer to refund part of the dog isn't realistic that she would want us to ship the dog back - that would be another $200 out of our pocket to ship it back. Didn't make sense.

A word of advice to parents of autistic children who have moderate to severe allergies - investigate long and hard about dogs. Have the child spend a good amount of time with the animal before committing. One of the most frightening parts of this experience was watching the allergies trigger severe regression. Andrew is high functioning. Andrew is loving and cuddly and responsive. Once the allergies kicked in, Andrew did nothing but flap, pace, zone out, not respond to us and screamed when we tried to touch him. (FYI, Andrew cannot take any allergy meds - he was on Claritin and various other medications for his seasonal allergies and he became extremely violent. We can't give him any cough syrups or allergy time meds and frankly he takes medication for the Asperger's - I'm not medicating him so he can have a dog.)

I'm not saying that this could happen to you - but just take your time. I jumped on a chance to give my son a dog and ended up making a costly and scary mistake.

Lastly, extra special thanks to Francie - you are the best. Thanks to Pete and Linda who called us repeatedly with offers to take and raise Wishbone for a year, a couple years or forever. If they didn't live in Charlotte, we would have maybe taken them up on the offer. We could have sent them a monthly stipend - like we do for our CRS kids - just 30.00 a month and you can feed a golden doodle. Thanks to Bev, Laura and Tina who were furious for me and thanks to all our other friends who were listening to me rant on Facebook and on the phone. Now, if someone would just volunteer to take my 24 year old son.....hmmm.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh my God, I'm an idiot.

#1. Who gets a puppy in February in New York?

#2. Who gets a puppy on top of the responsibilities of raising a child with Aspergers?

#3. Who gets a puppy for a child with Aspergers who has severe seasonal allergies plus had a horrific reaction to a dog we tried to adopt months ago?

I do.
Please to meet you, it's me THE IDIOT or a mother who wanted desperately to make her little boy happy.

We picked up Wishbone on Saturday night - a cute golden doodle male who is 8 weeks old. This breed is allegedly hypo-allergenic - and low shed. On the car ride from the airport, Andrew starts breathing funny. By the time we get home coughing and sneezing.

I wrote the breeder and she suggested giving the puppy a bath. We did.

To cut to the chase, Andrew isn't better. He's worse. On top of the obvious severe allergy reactions - he is:

#1. Flapping 30 or more minutes each HOUR. Previous to the reaction - flapping maybe 45 minutes a DAY.

#2. Zoning out and not responding to us. No matter what Andrew is doing when I tell him I love him - he always responds back (I do this 20 times a day) the last two days - he responded once each day.

#3. Totally listless and not interested in anything even the puppy. Not eating - just miserable.

I think the allergy is draining him and making his Asperger symptoms worse.

So we are going to do the following;

#1. Have Wishbone boarded for 1 to 3 days – check Andrew’s progress ---
#2. Take Andrew to doctor to check – and make sure it’s not anything else – he’s on antibiotics for ear infection – so I don’t think so – i.e., no fever.

#3. If Andrew gets better with Wishbone gone – we will be 90 % confident it’s the dog. We’ll get the dog back try for a day or two – if Andrew starts up again – the dog has to go. We know someone who trains Golden Doodles for assistance dogs here on Long Island (found out about this after we signed an agreement to buy this puppy) and we’ll donate the dog to them.

Andrew is upset that we're taking the dog to "doggy daycare" but also is so wiped out that he isn't crying about it. He is also a little afraid of the puppy -- the puppy is WILD - and we're working on correcting that behavior. I've read every site and taken all my wonderful friends suggestions.
I haven't slept in two days - so excuse any errors.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh God Oh God Oh God - I'm a Hoarder....

I'm not one of those messy keep-every-wrapper-and-trash-piled-up-everywhere kinda hoarder but a hoarder nonetheless. I'm the worst kind - I'm a closet hoarder! (not to be confused with Tiger's affliction).

"Hi, I'm Jenny and I'm a Hoarder."

I have way too much stuff. But I so love my stuff. Free stuff, cheap stuff, expensive stuff...I'm all about stuff.

I have 30 plus rolls of Wilton parchment paper because it was 99 cents a roll at the 99 cent store. Not just a regular roll, but a DOUBLE roll! I can mummify my entire extended family with parchment paper and still have rolls left. (That doesn't count the 300 sheets of already pre-cut 9 x 13 parchment sheets I have or the 500 parchment triangles....) Oh God...I'm a hoarder.

I have analyzed myself and my condition. It comes from being dirt poor as a child and not having anything. My pantries are stocked for a snow storm of Little House on the Prairie proportions (Thanks Susan Flanagan for that line). My freezers are so full -my poor husband who loves his ice has to spend fifteen minutes to find the trays. I have easily a thousand cookbooks. I have enough cake supplies and decorating supplies to make Cake Boss look like a rookie. You need a Wilton pan - I got it - I have every wedding cake pan set there is. If they make another one - I don't want to know - because I'll have to have it. Cake stands...don't even get me started on cake stands.

All this being said, I'm getting better. I have started to STOP with the buying, double think each purchase and have actually started giving away some of the items. I have all kinds of conditions though - someone must really love the item and will treat it with the reverence it deserves. I'm like a pet adoption agency - you have to prove to me that you are deserving of my item and if you decide you don't want the item, you must return it to me so I can find it a good home.

Do they make a patch for this?

Monday, February 1, 2010

God help us....

So every day since Sadie , Andrew has said that he wants a dog. He even says, "I can't wait to get to heaven because then I can have a dog." He is totally obsessed about heaven and death and believes that in heaven we get our hearts' desires. (No, I'm not training him to be a terrorist - i.e., many virgins awaiting him....he has enough worries for a five year old and heaven should be a great place to go - full of puppies and Legos!)

Due to his allergies, we had to look into a hypo-allergenic dog and thank God that also means low shed. My good buddy, BevB, sent me a link about assistance dogs. I checked out the site and the dog was a golden doodle (not a Drake's cake), a golden retriever and poodle mix. I did some research and found a nice site and really nice woman, Terry.

To cut to the chase, this darling will be joining our family on February 13th.

Anyone with any house training advice, please comment -- I'm thinking lots of prayers and perhaps doggie diapers (I kid, I kid).

Pray for me....pray for me.