Friday, January 28, 2011

Six weeks - a blink of an eye.

Andrew has been doing amazingly well. I think we have the right combination of medications -- and now as soon as I write this - poof - the planets will become misaligned and cause a regression. It seems he does well as long as I don't talk/write about it.

For the last six weeks, he has been more even tempered, his ADHD symptoms a little worse, but overall he's been a delight! He has only hit - here and there - flapping has decreased, tantrums have decreased in number and duration.

I haven't written because I've been either sick, shoveling snow (lots of it) or super busy. Andrew has religion classes on Saturday mornings and then Saturday afternoons he has basketball through the Challenger sports program - which is an amazing program for special needs kids. Every time I leave there - my heart is warmed. These volunteer men and older kids - working with special needs kids teaching them sports - truly joyous to watch.

Andrew has taken to basketball and is doing very well. He's making baskets, he is listening, taking turns, sharing -- just doing beautiful. In the Spring - there will be baseball - and then lacrosse.

Bryan, my oldest son, moved back to Illinois right after Christmas. It makes me sad - but I have to admit - it has been calmer here - and we have that portion of the house back - his bedroom and a half bath. Also, we have lots and lots of food left and I'm learning to cut down on the amounts I make because the garbage disposal is gone!

I am going to post this boring post now so I get something posted for January!


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adozeneggs said...

That's so great. You really deserve a break from the chaos. I'm happy for you and Andrew.