Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Fund for Jennie

UPDATE : Kim is the winner at $140.00 - I sent you an e-mail Kim. Thank you.

A little over two weeks ago, I became a better person.

While my blog content is sporadic rantings of my life - particularly with autism - I am an avid foodophile - is that a word? and if it is I hope it means I love food and not that I "love" food. I love to bake and cook and have more cookbooks than a person should be allowed. My husband jokes that something has to go to which I reply - "hope you find a nice place." My blog isn't fancy - I barely have the time to brush my teeth some days - so I don't have the time to make it beautiful - just read about the robot --we tried to make for Andrew once. My blog is my therapy as is reading other blogs.

Autism is a very lonely condition for the children and the parents. While I have great friends in "real life", I have made many friends through Facebook, Twitter and through following my favorite blogs.

One of the blogs and bloggers I follow is Jennifer Perillo. My last two posts were about the sudden death of her husband and how it changed me. I have to be honest sometimes I suck at being an understanding, grateful person. I am a pisser and moaner - but a pisser and moaner that would give you the sun and the moon if you needed it and sometimes even if you just ask for it.

The wonderful food bloggers of the world started Bloggers Without Borders and a fund for Jennie to help her meet her financial obligations during this time and beyond.

I have donated, placed bids and I have friends who are mailing a check or will be mailing a check in the near future but I wanted to do more. I am offering this Cuisinart 2 Qt. Ice Cream-Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet Maker for auction.

I will ship this ice cream maker to the highest bidder who leaves a comment by August 31t (which happens to be my 9th wedding anniversary). Once the auction is over, I will send the winner a paypal invoice and once it is paid - I will donate the funds accordingly. I will pay for shipping myself. Since this is for Jennie and her girls - could we start the bidding at $100.00?

If you can't bid, please think about making a donation - every little bit helps. If you want to send a check instead of donating through paypal, send me a message.

Thank you and let the bidding begin!

Addendum: I apologize for any typos in this post - Andrew has been right here next to me since I started this post and not sitting quietly!

Addendum 2: My teeth will not get brushed today since I took the time to figure out "fancy" hyperlinks. Look at me go.


Aimee @ Simple Bites said...

What a beautiful post and amazing auction item!

I will start the bidding ---$100.

Andrew's Mom said...

Wow~~~thank you Aimee.

Shannon Overdahl said...

I'll make it $125. I am not a food blogger, just a mom of two boys who cannot begin to imagine life without my husband. My heart aches for Jennie.

Andrew's Mom said...

Thank you Shannon! How old are your two boys?

Shannon Overdahl said...

My boys are 6 and 8. The youngest will be starting Kindergarten this year and he is soooo excited.

Andrew's Mom said...

If you win, I'll send something special for them! Andrew is right in the middle - 7.

Shannon Overdahl said...

Thank you! I hope I win!

Kim/Reluctant Renovator said...

I'm a friend of Jenny's through blogging. I bid $140. Thank you for doing this!

Andrew's Mom said...

Thank you Kim!!!

Anonymous said...
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naomi {@bakersroyale} said...

Ah, you have a great heart. As you know I read your blog and I'm so touched by many of your posts about your son.

This one is no different, but I'm in more admiration of you for working so hard to help another blogger.

Naomi| Bakers Royale

Shelby said...

Jenny, what a great big heart you have.