Friday, August 12, 2011

A Pie for Mikey

I'm not a food blogger. I'm a great cook and baker (if I do say so myself). I love cookbooks and food blogs. I'm a mom who started this blog because I wanted to journal my experiences with autism and vent. Yes, I need to vent. I'm sorry I'm not perfect. I'd give my shirt off my back, I'd do anything for anyone - but I like to K'vetch. I'm Jenny, I'm Catholic and I like to K'vetch.

That being said, I'm a follower of many wonderful blogs and bloggers. One of the food bloggers I follow, Jennifer Perillo,, lost her husband suddenly last Sunday. She has asked that everyone make a pie for Mikey today, to not put off living and loving because you are "too busy". I made a pie last night and it was late and it looks ugly (not to Andrew - he thinks it looks amazing). I'm going to make another one today and post a picture in the next day or two.

It's the last day of Camp Anchor - and I just can't tell you all how wonderful those young people who work and volunteer there are. The staff in the office -- amazing, the bus drivers, the lifeguards and the campers--such overwhelming love I have for them all. For the first time ever, Andrew told me today, "I believe in myself." You know what baby, I believe in you too. Always. We have love and thanks to Jennie - I will remember that every day. Love and kindness...the only things that matter.

Love each other,

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Paige said...

Made my day! I believe in Andrew. And you.