Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where did two months go?

So much has been going on...and on and on....

The most important thing I want to write about is Andrew.  He is doing A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  After school started he had mega anxiety and we saw his neurologist.  We doubled his medications and he is just doing wonderfully.   He still has a problem here and there - some anxiety, frustration.  Several times over the last two months he has become very agitated and has bitten himself hard but he hasn't raised a hand to anyone - except for one swipe (and frankly she deserved it)...joking joking.  No I'm not a card carrying member of the Ike Turner Fan Club. Joke, I do.  (Note:  I've been talking more and more like Yoda lately...maybe it has to do with menopause (early onset) and hair sprouting at weird places on my body....but digress, I do.)

My little boy is a math genius.  All he wants for Christmas is a program called Fastt Math (yes, two t's).  It's $300 -- he talks about it non-stop - so Scholastic (or Santa) - if you are reading this - please help an old, hairy white woman give her son what he wants for Christmas. 

Jim is still working like an indentured servant.  He is exhausted.  We miss him.  Plans still in force for a bed and breakfast by the Spring.  I'm starting on lots of packing and de-cluttering.  God, I love my kitchen things and cookbooks...but I love my family more (most of the time).  We will paint, pull up carpets and do everything we can to make the house ready for sale.

So no news is good news.  Off to make black bean pizza for my husband - he loves it -- barbecue sauce, black beans, cheddar and cilantro - it's actually very good. 

Happy Halloween everyone.  (My favorite holiday.)